Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download

Bengali folk songs, more commonly known as "Lokgeeti" is one of the most common and adorable form of music applauded by the entire eastern India. Countless dances and dramatical performances are done keeping these songs as the background score. The lively melodies and narrative lyrics of thes folk songs have actually made the picture of Bengal even more colourful.

Part 1: Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download (1-10)

  1. Dohar | Bengali Folk Songs | Jale Na Jaiyo |
  2. Bhoomi | Paal Chuteche | Orom Takio Na |
  3. Best of Sahaj Ma | Bengali Folk Songs
  4. Lokgaan | Bengali Folk Songs
  5. Baulini | Bengali Folk Songs
  6. Kothay Pabo Tare | Bengali Folk Songs Audio Jukebox | Lalan Fakir
  7. Rai | Folk Fusion | Bengali Songs
  8. Bandhu Dayamoy- Chandna Mazumdar Folk Album
  9. Bijoy Sarkarer Gaan | Bengali Folk Songs
  10. Bengali Baul Songs(Lalon geeti)

Part 2: Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download (11-20)

  1. Bengali Baul Songs(Lalon geeti)2
  2. New Baul Pala Gaan 2014
  3. Amazing Baul Song Collection | Kartik Das Baul |
  4. Purnadas Baul | Tui Amare Pagal Karli Re
  5. Bangla Folk & Baul Collection
  6. Best of Purna Das Baul Songs | Bengali Folk Songs
  7. Best of Gostho gopal Das | Hit Bengali Folk Songs
  8. Baul Songs of Bengal | Bengali Folk Songs
  9. Best of Bhaba Pagla | Bengali Folk Devotional Songs
  10. Bengali Folk Songs by Various Artists

Part 3: Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download (21-30)

  1. Bengali Folk Songs | Subhash Chakraborty |
  2. Krishna Preme | Bengali Folk Songs |
  3. Tumi Nacho Sundari | Bengali Folk Songs
  4. Boli O Nanadi - Bengali Folk Song
  5. Baro Loker Beti
  6. Shuhag Chand Bodoni Dhoni Nacho Tho Dekhi
  7. Lilabali Lilabali Ghoro Joubothi Shoi Go
  8. Kalay Pranti Nilo Bashiti Bajaiyya
  9. Ami Robo Na Robo Na Grihe
  10. Je Jon Premer Bhab Jane Na

Part 4: Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download (31-40)

  1. Bhalo Koriya Bajan Re Duthora Shundori Komolay Nache
  2. Akashe Bathashe Chol Shathi Ure Jai
  3. Dul Dul Duloni Ranga Mathar Chironi
  4. Pan Khaiya Tut Lal Korilam
  5. Pubali Bathashe Go Tumar Barir Fuler Gondho Amar Bari Ashe
  6. Bashi Shune Ar Kaj Nai She Je Dakathiya Bashi
  7. Shader Lau Banailo More Boiragi
  8. Maya Lagaise Pirithi Shikaise Diwana Banaise
  9. Amay Dubayilire Amay Bashayilire
  10. Kalay Pranti Nilo Bashiti Bajaiyya

Part 5: Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download (41-50)

  1. Pirithi Bishomo Jala Shoyna Amar Gay
  2. Mon Re Mon | Bangla Lokgeet Song
  3. Bengali Purulia Songs 2015 - Proubhu Jinam Dile
  6. Majhi Baiya Jao
  7. Best of Arko Mukherjee | Folk Songs in Bengal
  8. Tomar Ghore Bosot
  9. tu kene kada dili sada kapore

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Top 50 Bengali Folk Songs Free Download

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