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Like most people, I love TV. Usually, I record TV shows on my computer. Or sometimes, I download TV shows from Internet. And with time goes on, a long list of TV shows collection is there. Then archiving TV shows is necessary. At this time, I aways choose to burn my favorite TV shows on DVDs for long-time preservation and saving more storage space. Well, if you also have lots of TV shows on the computer and wanna burn TV shows to DVD to play on portable DVD player or on your car's backseat DVD player, you are lucky here. I'll share my experience in this article, showing you guys how to convert TV shows to DVDs quickly and easily.

Many DVD burning software could do this job. However, here I will recommend Wondershare DVD Creator (DVD Creator for Mac ). It's an easy to use yet powerful DVD maker. At least, two reasons make it become an ideal choice. First, you can burn TV series onto a single DVD with easy navigation menu. On the menu, you can directly go to desired episode by pressing specific number on remote. Second, you could also add your favorite TV show posters and theme song as background picture and music.

And this TV shows to DVD burner supports Windows 2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7, even Windows 8. (For Mac, it's available on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6)

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1 Import your TV shows into this app

Lauch this great TV shows to DVD converter, and import your TV files to this program. Just use any one of the three doable ways:

  1. Hit the "+Import" button to find the TV shows files you want and add them.
  2. Click the blue round button on the top-left corner of this window, and choose the "Add Files..." option to import TV files.
  3. Find your TV shows files on the computer first, then drag them to this program's left pane.

burn tv shows to dvds

Note: Make sure the video sequence in this app's left pane according to the play order. If not, you need to click the "↑“ or "↓" option at the bottom of this window to adjust it. Also, you can click the "Add title" button to add a new title to manage each TV episode.

tv shows to dvd

2Make a DVD menu and preview the whole project

Find the DVD menu template you want on the Menu window. Then, customize it by adding thumbnails, buttons, text, background music/image etc. Preview the finial effect in the "Preview" window. If there is something you are not content with, just go back to do it again.

Note: If there is no DVD menu template you want to apply, you just hit the green down arrow icon to select one from more free DVD menu templates online.

tv shows dvd

3 Burn TV shows on DVDs

Considering the size of your TV shows is very big, you'd better insert a blank DVD 9 disc for use. Of course, if you insert a DVD 5, this app will automatically compress them to fit the DVD disc. Hit the "Burn" tab, select the "Burn to disc" option, then click the "Burn" button. Now, this app will do the rest thing for you.

television series on dvd

What you can get from Wondershare DVD Burner:

  • Enjoy Again When You Want. Especially those best TV shows, watching one time is far from enough.
  • Watch Shows with High Quality. DVD has much more capability than CD, so you can save more high quality TV shows on DVD.
  • Release Space on Your Computer. If you are a super TV fans, you delete TV shows only when you have to. Burn TV shows to DVD and Save space now!
  • Save Money. You could buy TV Show DVD on the market. But why spend these money if you can get high qualify TV shows DVD for free.

Download Win DVD CreatorDownload Mac DVD Creator

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