Share and View Pictures on TV with Family and Friends

Thanks to digital cameras and modern technology, your friends and family no longer have to gather around a photo album to view your photos in paper form. Instead of it, you can share and view pictures on TV just as video by using several methods, and it totally change the way that you see your photos captured on different holidays and occasions.

From using the digital camera itself, to a photo viewing device, to using a photo DVD converter, let's view how to display photos on TV through every option.

Option 1: View Pictures on TV through Digital Camera

If you digital camera include A/V connect cable, the most obvious way to display digital photos on TV is to make use of your digital camera itself.

  • Step 1: Simply connect one end of the cable to the camera and the other end to your TV, matching the audio and video cords to the appropriate port.
  • Step 2: Turn on the TV and the camera.
  • Step 3: Change the TV's display to match the input to where you've connected the camera to view the pictures on your camera. If you're not sure, simply toggle through the TV's input choices until you see your photos appear on the TV. If the photos do not appear, make sure the camera is properly connected and turned on.
  • Step 4: Navigate through the photos using the camera. You can enable the slide show feature on your camera if it has one to view them as a slide show on your TV.

Option 2: View Pictures on TV through Photo Viewing Device

Digital photo viewers are small devices that can sit on top of your television, with which you can view photos on TV also.

Place your memory card into the viewer's media slot. It accepts popular memory cards like CompactFlash, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, SmartMedia and MemoryStick as input. Then use the RCA video cable to connect the viewer's video-out port to the television. Some televisions and DVD players have media slots for camera memory.

Option 3: View Pictures on TV through Photo to DVD Converter

However, the above two methods are all limited to the amount of memory on your memory card. If you have a memory card with small capacity, you'll not display so many pictures on the devices. In my opinion, the best way is to burn your photos to DVD and played it DVD player.

Besides, the most key advantage of this method is to add transitions and effects, so that it won't be so boring to view the pictures one by one. Also you can send a DVD of your pictures to your friends and family members as a gift. Here we recommend Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder to convert your pictures to DVD.

The reasons why choose Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder as your Photo to DVD Converter?

  • 270+ free styles included in the software help you to make Hollywood-like movies;
  • Background music, subtitles and more decorations are easy to insert into your photo videos;
  • Various output formats includes MPEG, DVD, MP4, WMV,3GP for many devices;
  • Support to upload your videos to YouTube instantly.

Click here to explore the guide on how to convert your pictures to DVD/Video with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder.

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