How to Make and Export a Slideshow with Lightroom 3

Photoshop Lightroom, the special edition of Photoshop, maybe not as professional as the Photoshop CS, but it lets professional and enthusiast photographers quickly and easily organize, edit and share images. This article will show you how to make a slideshow with Lightroom 3 and export in multiple ways to share your photos at its best.

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Make a Slideshow in Lightroom 3

One of the most useful features of Lightroom is the imprompt slideshow which allows you to watch photos at full screen by using the current template and settings in the Slideshow module, and rate, rotate, or delete photos in a folder.

To create a slideshow in Lightroom, please follow these steps:

1. Select photos from the library. In Library module, you could choose photos in a Grid or Filmstconvert view. To turn a folder or collection of photos to slideshow, go to Folders or Collection panel to select photos.

2. Sort the photo slide order. Go to Slideshow module and drag the photos in the Filmstconvert to arrange them in the desired order. Note that you cannot drag to arrange if you have chosen a smart collection.

3. Choose a slideshow template and customize if necessary. Highlight a slideshow template in the Template Browser to preview and use in your slideshow. The Options, Layout, Overlays, Backdrop, and Titles settings are avaible. Once you are satisfied with the customized template, save it for later use.

4. Make duration and transition settings. In the Playback panel of the Slideshow module, set the slide duration and transition options. Also choose a music file to use as the background of slideshow. If necessary, specify intro and credit slides. Skip this step if you exported slideshow as PDF because PDF slideshows use the fixed slide duration and fade transition.

5. Export Lightroom slideshow to PDF or video. Click the Preview Slideshow button to watch the final slideshow. If you are happy with the result, click the Export Video or Export PDF button on the lower left to export slideshow.

Lightroom Slideshow Tips:

1.For Lightroom 2 slideshow: the workflow is similar.

2.You are suggested to save your slide show layout as a custom template so you can reuse it easily, saving your precious time.

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Export Lightroom Slideshow

You can export Lightroom slideshow to PDF slideshow (requires Adobe Reader) or a video slideshow in Slideshow module. Also you could make a slideshow to publish online in Web module.

Export Lightroom Slideshow to PDF

PDF is a standard for portable document, which means you can watch Lightroom slideshow in multiple platforms as long as Adobe Reader is installed. To export Lightroom slideshow as PDF, click Export PDF button on the lower left in Slideshow module. Limits include no music and no duration settings saved.

Export Lightroom Slideshow to Video

Slideshow videos could be also played on other computers with the compatible media player. Lightroom will export slideshow as H.264 MPEG-4 files which complete with music, slide layout and other playback settings. Like saving slideshow to PDF, click Export Video button on the lower left in Slideshow module to choose a video profile and save Lightroom slideshow to computer.

Export to Web

Lightroom allows you to directly make a slideshow for web with Web module. Lightroom comes with several Engines to create web slideshow under Web tab. The Engines is something like gallery templates that make it possible to turn photos into galleries of pre-designed style in a few clicks. Taking SimpleViewer engine for example, you only need to select "Use" style and specify some other necessary info such as site info, appearance, caption, etc., and it's ready to upload Lightroom slideshow to your website.

Export to DVD?

Maybe you also need to burn slideshow to DVD for watching on TV or projector, to share with your friends or customers. It's a good idea to export Lightroom slideshow to video and burn with your favorite DVD burner. Alternatively, Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder can directly transform your photos to fantastic slideshow with photos and animated titles. It also includes built-in DVD burning tool for making DVDs for any standard DVD player. Plus, the Mac version simplifies the slideshow making, and charges you for a less expensive price.

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