How to Make iPod Slideshow and Watch Slideshow on iPod

Create a Photo Slideshow for Viewing on iPod

iPod is a line of portable media players developed by Apple. iPod is superb popular for music playing, from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic to iPod Touch. However, you may also watch slideshow video on iPod (except iPod Shuffle), especially the large screen iPod Touch. This article will show you how to make a photo slideshow playable on iPod, besides learning how to start a photo slideshow with iPod's native features.

To make a standalone iPod photo slideshow with music, you need to prepare:

  1. Digital photos and music
  2. Photo slideshow software (e.g. DVD Slideshow Builder for Windows)
  3. iTunes to transfer iPod slideshow

Now see how to make a iPod slideshow with pictures and music step by step, taking DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe for example.

iPod Slideshow Making Step 1: Import Photos and Music

Download and install DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe on your PC, run it and select Advanced Mode, you will start from Organize tab. Here, import favorite photos/videos and music to the storyboard, and simply drag-n-drop to sort the order of photos. If necessary, double-click media sources to edit. To import music from your iPod library, you need to transferred desired music from iPod to PC first.

iPod photo slideshow maker

iPod Slideshow Making Step 2: Change Photo Transitions

Random photo transition will automatically applied when import photos and videos, you can go to Personalize/Transition and click the "Apply" button after select a favorite transition. This video slideshow maker contains 125+ smooth transition & motions for a personalized slideshow. If you don't want to set transitions yourself, try Standard mode for the Styles - your movie making made easy than ever.

iPod Slideshow Making Step3: Save Video to MP4

To save iPod slideshow, go to "Create" -> "Save to Apple Device" -> "iPod" and select the right output format. Usually it's not necessary to change the default parameters, so click Save to output slideshow for iPod. if parameter change is required, you can change parameters like the video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, audio sample rate, etc.

Now wait for iPod slideshow creation. Below is the iPod slideshow sample on YouTube. After the iPod slideshow is saved and transferred to iPod, you can watch it as long as you want.

Note: Also burn iPod slideshow to DVD for watching on TV

More about iPod Photo Slideshow Maker

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is an easy to use yet powerful iPod photo slideshow software. It can easily convert photos and music to professional looking slideshow playable on iPod. All popular image formats are supported, such as JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, TIFF and GIF.

Ready to use Styles help you make a unique iPod slideshow in clicks. You could even add animated titles to iPod photo slideshow to make it more impressive. The output parameters for iPod (MP4) is preset so you don't need to make it yourself, but also changeable if necessary. You could directly publish slideshow playable on iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod classic, etc. This iPod photo slideshow maker could also save your slideshow to DVD, YouTube, as well as other Apple devices.

Download win version

How to Make Photo Slideshow Playable on iPod

Different from making an advanced photo slideshow playable on iPod, you could enjoy a simple photo slideshow on iPod with the built-in slideshow player. To play a slideshow of your photos on iPod, simply press the Play/Pause button when viewing thumbnail images or a full screen image. Your iPod will play a slideshow using the current slideshow settings: time per slide, transition, music, repeat, etc. Press the Play/Pause icon again to pause an iPod slideshow, or press the Menu icon to stop it.

If you want to change how your iPod plays slideshows, highlight Slideshow Settings and press the Center button. In the pop up menu, there are some sub menus and items you can change the iPod slideshow settings.

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