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Our vision is to create a space where all creators are heard and
celebrated. We strive to amplify diverse voices and foster a
community that values inclusivity

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How to Amplify Black Talent
Creativity with Us

Step 1

Create a 1-3 min video featuring talented Black folks in your life!
Be it yourself, a community member, a local business owner or an artist, shine the spotlight on Black talent!

Step 2

Share it with us on
social media by tagging @wondershare and including #ShareTheSpotlight in the caption.

Step 3

For each entry, we will add $50 to our Black Creator Fund and feature the top spotlight videos across our channels!
Creators will also have the chance to work with us as an ambassador.
Terms & Conditions

Raised So Far

$ 516

You have the concept.
All you need is the tools to
create your video.

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