How to Build Software Training Video

Making software training videos is a simple and impressive way to introduce the software to the customers entirely. It also tells people how to use it in details. The training videos can also be easily uploaded to online video sites like youtube or other software review sites to get more potential users. But building software training video is not just a simple presentation recording process. There’re many things you have to pay attention to. In this article, we note down some of the most important items for you to make better training videos, no matter software providers or end users you are. Read on to get more details.

How to build software training video

1 Check all things in order

Before recording presentation for software, you can write down all points you want to show to your audience on paper in advance. After that, choose a good screen recording software which allows you to record what you can see on your computer screen and save it as a video file. Here are many choices depending on what kind of software you introduce and what kind of training video you want make. Here I recommend a simple and easy-to-use screen recorder- DemoCreator to get the things done. You can download and try it out.

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Another essential tool  is a good microphone. Since you may need to record narration during the video recording to indicate more information in video, prepare a good microphone is really worthy.

2 Start software presentations

Then you can start making software presentation. Just pay attention to the following things.

  • Describe in order: Arrange your presentation in order so that the audience can easily catch the main point. 
  • Emphasize the keypoint: Take advantages of some video recording effect like zoom-n-pan, highlight and narration to remind people which part should be given specific focus to. DemoCreator provides all the effects you need.
  • Control the length of video: Keep your video duration to 5 minutes, because the concentrated duration of your audience is limited.

3 Enhance the video in post production

DemoCreator offers various video editing features like adding callout, zoom-n-pan, highlight, animation and so on. Your video can be more impressive and interactive by inserting these special effects.

Video editing features

  • Callout: It helps you make title or give tips to certain operation and can be placed anytime and anywhere in your video.
  • Zoom-n-pan: You can zoom and pan in a specific area showing only the relevant parts of your scene in specific details. It's a most frequently used feature to focus your audience's attention on important screen movements or actions.
  • Highlight: Emphasize a specific area of your screen by adding a frame or shade.
  • Insert objects: You can insert picture, Flash movie, logo and other objects to decorate your training video and realize multiple ways of explanation.
  • Audio editor: DemoCreator also offers a solo audio editor so you can edit or remake your narration for software training video. What’s more, inserting WAV or MP3 file as back ground music is also available.

4 Publish your training video

The last step is to save your software presentation as video file. Don't forget to choose the most suitable video codec for your video. If not, the video quality can be terrible and the video file can be huge. You can try different codec to find out the best video performance for your software presentation.

That’s the main process of making video presentation for software. Now get ready to building your software training video with screen recorder, it can be pleasant and fun.

Download Win Version

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