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2015-12-18 15:05:24
100% RECOMENDED!!! by Paulina

I tried everything. I seriously thought my info was completely lost but this app did what nobody I went to could and more!

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2015-12-16 02:56:23
Dr. Fone by Richard Francis

This product is outstanding! I couldn't be more pleased. I recovered 1836 photos after my wife wiped her phone clean with the restore function. None of the photos had been backed up (that won't happen again), and all were of great sentimental value. I recommend this to anyone who needs to find lost data. Five full stars!

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2015-11-22 05:41:53

So, I have never been one to write a review, like ever, even with the thousands of things that I've bought on amazon that I've loved, I was just never the one to write a review. Yes, some of you may call me shady or lazy for not giving back since reviews are what technically make consumers purchase. Anyways, I've had many moments where I've lost pictures on my iPhone and/or computer and was absolutely pissed. I researched everywhere to find a solution and of course Wondershare's Dr. Fone for IOS (Mac) was the first thing that I saw when i began to research. I was highly skeptical at first, but it ended up saving my fiance's and my own life. We were a little over intoxicated I must say lol, and one thing led to another and all the pictures and movies that we filmed were gone, and I mean vanished. No where in the photo trash and we had even connected it to the computer and saved the pictures and videos there. Well my guess, don't tell my fiance lol, is that she accidentally permanently deleted our wonderful pictures and videos. But with Dr.Fone for IOS and Wondershare Data Recovery (Another Life-Saving Program) which I would highly recommend. Don't fall for those other low-costing software saying they will do the same thing and more, because I have personally tried it. Thank you Wondershare Data Recovery & Dr. Fone for iOS (Mac)

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2015-11-04 07:02:16
Excellent! by Raimunda

A huge thank you to the creators of this application, it fixed my problem in 10 minutes!

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2015-10-11 11:47:12
awesome by manojcasey

its amazing

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2015-09-18 22:34:03
So here is a response you can count on. My Iphone went into recovery mode and yes I received 90 percent recovery and still working on trying to get to 100 percent by T Lost Data from IPhone factor

Thank GOD! Losing some of your most critical documents is nerve racking. But thanks to Wondershare unlike the very careful! I did the factory reset and immediately after I started the Wondershare free trail. My documents showed up! Try the free trail and you will not regret your purchase. I am elated and of course still trying to retrieve the rest. Good luck!

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2015-06-14 08:07:21
Fixed my iPhone 5! by Jack

I've rarely write reviews for products. After attempting the latest ios upgrade for my iPhone 5, the phone went into a frozen mode and iTunes said I needed to recover the phone which will remove all of my unsaved pics (700+ photos), etc. I found Dr.Fone for ios through a apple discussion site. It works! I have no idea how it did it, but Dr.Fone helped restore and saved my phone. Totally worth the investment! Thanks Dr.Fone!

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2015-06-09 16:04:50
Y PHONE WORKS by michelle

I thought my phone was destroyed!! THEN!! The doctor one came to my attention.. looked legit.. AND NOW IT WORKS!!! AHHH HALLELUJAH! hahaha

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2015-05-11 09:17:09
thanks sooo muth by anas

! by Erin J. It actually works, don't know how, but it does. Accidentally restored an incorrect backup to my iPhone when upgrading iOS. Thank god for Dr. Fone, because I was able to recover all my photos that had been deleted by the wrong backup.

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2015-05-08 19:55:40
Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac) Review by Abraham Aranda


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