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2015-08-08 08:18:12
Wondershare Data Recovery by Chris Bradford

Excellent software - simple to use. Managed to get all the data back on my clients corrupted Hard drive. I have a very happy and grateful client Thank you Wondershare

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2015-08-07 23:40:28
Great product by Nitin

i have download it and it works very beautifully and it is very easy to recover all data

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2015-08-07 05:22:52
register cod by naba jyoti

its good

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2015-08-05 19:08:01
So good I don't even freak out when my hard drive crashes by Donnie

I do A LOT of data managing on a daily basis mostly with video project files (terabytes upon terabytes of video footage that costs hundreds of thousands to create = super important data) - I work with multiple drives daily including passing off drives to people, formatting drives, etc. I have 15 hard drives sitting on my desk right now that need to be copied, formatted, data transfers and delivered to folks. I've used WonderShare multiple times when I've had hard drives crash and every time it successfully recovers my data. I've even accidentally deleted a whole project before (not impossible when working with hundreds of projects and a hundred rotating drives) and WonderShare saved me from whatever fate I was doomed for. It's literally to the point when a hard drive has any type of error, I don't even worry about getting the data back because I trust WonderShare to recover it. Bottom line, if you want you stuff back, choose WonderShare. It's a lot better option than paying a 1 time recovery fee from other companies because not only are they not as good, you will have to pay again when another drive crashes ... and you will have more drives crash, that is for sure.

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2015-08-03 10:13:16
Thanking by Adnan Tanoli

Thanks to all of you, who made this software. it is very helpful for us.I have recovered 80 GB data. and there is no limit to recover any data. You can recover unlimited data, which was lost by any cause.

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2015-07-31 19:06:28
Wondershare Data Recovery Review by WOO SIM


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2015-07-31 18:39:33
Wondershare Data Recovery Review by woo sim

very good

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2015-07-29 15:58:46
EXCELLENT!!! by mark watkin

I deleted my entire hard drive by mistake. there were 2tb of info including pics, movies, videos, music, and a whole lot more. as soon as I pushed the format button I realized what I had done. damn. I panicked..... I went onto the web and found this product. fingers crossed, I payed the $ and downloaded it. it's important to note that I didn't add anything to the formatted drive once I realized I messed up. to make a long story short, it recovered EVERYTHING. the hard drive looks exactly like before with all the content. I had my doubts when I downloaded this product but don't anymore. THANK YOU wondershare.

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2015-07-26 03:13:43
saiful by Saiful


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2015-06-26 17:54:05
amazing, thumbs up. million thanks to this wonderful software by meriam balmaceda

i accidentally format my 500gb exhhd. all my important documents, photos, music, movies, video clips and software application and etc. are almost there without having any backup. all my files is 465gb in total. and by using this wonderful software, i recovered all my files. the price i paid for this product is trully worthy. thumbs up. amazing. i will recommend this too to my friends. thanks to wondershare!

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