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[Forgot iPad Screen Lock Password] How to Recover Data on it

Forgot my iPad screen lock password!

iPad can't be unlocked after locking, stays on the black screen!! Is there any way that I can fix this forgot password on iPad and unlock it? I want to save it and don't want to lose any data on it. Please help! Your help will be very much appreciated!

The only way to unlock your iPad with a lock password, other than entering the passcode, is to restore your iPad to the original factory settings. However, all data on your iPad will be erased if you perform the factory setting restore. Therefore, you'd better back up your iPad data first when you plan to do it.

How can you recover or back up your iPad data? Why not try Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac) - iPhone Data Recovery for Mac or Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS - iPhone Data Recovery? Both of them allow you to selectively recover your iPad data and save them on your computer. Moreover, they can help you find your previously lost data. As the world's first iOS data recovery software, Both versions of Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS are completely safe and reliable.

Recover/backup data on your locked iPad

Download the FREE TRIAL version of the program below to have a try.

Download win version Download mac version

Note: The windows version supports the latest Windows 10, and the Mac one supports Yosemite.

Step 1. Run the program on your computer

Here, let's take the Windows version as an example. After you connected your iPad to the computer, you'll see the window below.

connect ipad

Step 2. Scan your locked iPad for data on it

  1. Hold your device, and tap the "Start" button.
  2. Hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time when you click the "Start" button for exactly 10 seconds.
  3. Release the Power button after 10 seconds have passed, but keep holding the Home button for anther 15 seconds.

When you're told that you've successfully entered the system, you can release the Home button and begin scanning your iPad 1.

For other iPad users like iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display, etc., directly click the "Start Scan" button to scan your iPad for all data on it.

scan ipad

Step 3. Preview & save the iPad data on your computer

After the scan, you can preview the whole data on your iPad. Mark those you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

preview and recover data

Here is the video tutorial.

How to fix a forgeten password issue on iPad (unlock iPad password)

After recover data on your locked iPad, it's the time to unlock your iPad now. Apple's official instructions to restore an iPad are:

  1. Connect the iPad to your computer.
  2. Select iPad in the iTunes sidebar, and click the "Summary" tab.
  3. Click “Check for Update.” iTunes tells you if there’s a newer version of the iPad software available.
  4. Click "Restore". Follow instructions on the screen to complete the restore process. During the process, it will recommend you to back up your iPad. When the iPad software has been restored, you can choose to set up iPad as a new iPad, or restore your videos, music, app data, and other contents from a backup.

Note: Even you bring your iPad to the Apple service center, Apple staff also need to restore your iPad to unlock it. That's to say, you need to erase everything on it.

Download win version Download mac version

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No luck I had to wipe the ipad and luckily there was an icloud backup that I was able to recover from that had everything that I needed in it. Very lucky! I literally found no solution and find it discouraging that Apple disables the ipad after 6-10 failed attempts with no other option but to restore or reset.
Im having the same issue, have you managed to find another program to recover the data? Thanks in advance
Based on these comments your post is inaccurate "Recover/backup data on your locked iPad" but you state that if you cannot unlock the screen that your software cannot read the data. So this software is only good if you know or can unlock the ipad. Correct me if I am wrong or misunderstanding the previous comments!
Hi Billy, the screen lock is set to protect the privacy on the phone. If you are unable to unlock the screen lock, I am afriad our product will not able to bypass the lock and read the data on the phone.
My computer is trusted, but wondershare is asking to unlock my device and i can't because the screen is broken what i can do?
Hi, if you are unablel to trust the pc, your ipad will not even be able to connect to the computer or itunes. In this condition, I am sorry our product can't scan the ipad.
Hello, I am interested in your software but have a challenge for you guys: My iPad mini is disabled and never been connected to a PC. Your software is asking me to accept "trust this PC" but iTune is not prompting me this option. Thank you,
Did you use the same computer which you connected your phone with before? If yes, normally it will not ask you to put the password to connect again.
ive forgotten my iphone password but desperately need to back up my photos and notes, when i open wondershare it asks for my iphone password to back up-so how do i use this?
Did you use the same computer which you connected your phone with before? If yes, normally it will not ask you to put the password to connect again.
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