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how to recover files from usb with usb recovery

usb flash drive

1Common USB data loss scenarios

1. Mistakenly or carelessly delete files from usb flash drive and cannot find them in the recycle bin or trash bin.
2. Lose files when transferring them from usb flash drive to other devices for unknown reason.
3. Forget to unplug usb flash drive after computer shutting down and some files are deleted.
4. usb flash drive suffers virus or malware attack and files get hidden or deleted.
5. usb flash drive files become inaccessible due to unknown reasons.

2Solutions for USB recovery

It's advisable to take usb recovery tool to recover data from USB, as this is the most effective and direct method. There're lots of usb data recovery tools, you just need to get a right one that best fits your needs. Overall reliability should be the most important factor, also the recovery speed, ease-to –use, and competitive price are also some important factors that you should consider.

Good usb data recovery software can provide preview ability for you to evaluate recovery result before you purchase it.

If you are using Windows operation system, you can have a try Wondershare Data Recovery. It's such Windows usb recovery software that can help you recover files from usb lost due to deleting, formatting, virus infection, and other reasons. You can also do usb flash drive recovery through the help of a recovery service company, but the cost is extremely high. There's also a Mac version for Mac users: Wondershare data recovery for mac (available for Mavericks now).

Download the free trial version below now.

Download win version Download mac version

Install and run the Data Recovery on your computer (taking the Windows version as an example). With only a few clicks, you can recover all your lost data from your usb drive without quality loss.

Step 1 Connect your usb drive to the computer and launch the program on your computer.

usb recovery

Step 2 Select the file type that you want to recover.

usb data recovery

Step 3 Choose to recover files from your usb drive (External removable devices).

flash recovery

Before scanning, you can check "Enable Deep Scan", which can help to perform a more comprehensive scanning for lost files from your usb drive, such as lost due to formatting. Of course, you also can skip it to scan if you don't have this need, for it asks for much more time.

Step 4 Preview and recover files from your usb drive.

When performing data recovery, you can't save those recovered files on the same usb drive again. You can save them on other external devices or directly save on your computer.

flash drive recovery

3Video tutorial of usb file recovery

4Are the files really deleted from usb flash drive when that happens?

When you carelessly meet some of those scenarios in daily life, are you still worrying about that those files are deleted from your usb flash drive permanently and there is no way to recover data from usb? As a matter of fact, losing files from usb drive does not mean that these files are gone forever. You have great chances to do usb recovery if you choose the correct flash drive recovery software and don't make any operation mistake which will reduce the USB recovery chance.

5Stop using the usb drive before recovery

Before performing usb flash drive data recovery, what you should do firstly is to minimize the data loss and increase the possibility of successful USB recovery.

The more activities taking place on your usb drive, the greater the chance of data overwriting will be. To enhance the chances for usb data recovery, remember not to use the usb drive to store new files, not to edit any documents stored on it, or not to use the usb drive for any further transferring.

Download mac version Download win version


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Help! I want to recover my USB flash drive and there's so many important documents in it. But every time I plug it into my Mac its not being detected at all. How can I recover my files if it can't even be detected?
This article is so helpful. I manage to recover my data in no time. Thanks!
Glad to have option to download for MAC, it helped a lot!
I've just used this software for the RB recovery, and it works! So, I've decided to search a bit more on this website and checkout fore some more cool stuff here. This sounds good, too.
If not overwritten, the lost data might still be recovered. But remember to get rid of the virus first.
I like it because it is simple and efficient as well. Also agree with Henry that the trial version works very good.
Do I have higher chance of recovering my lost data if its been lost due to virus?
I've downloaded the trial version and so far it works great. Looking forward to buy the full version.
Easily retrieve all data from a corrupted or formatted USB flash storage drive using Remo Recover; it is one of the most advanced USB data recovery utilities available at present
Hi, you should first check whether the USB drive quit working or not. If it can be seen on your computer, then Wondershare Data Recovery will detect it.
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