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3 Ways to undo accidental delete

So you have been working on your term paper all day and suddenly can find it in your computer. Perhaps it is an important file you have been working on for your company for months and ack! You deleted it accidentally. We all have been there at some point. It is common to delete data accidentally when you least expect. Recovering the deleted file can be frustrating and a daunting affair but not anymore. In this article, we discuss three simple ways to recover accidentally deleted files in a snap.

The CTRL+Z function

The CTRL+Z function is one of the most powerful keyboard shortcuts to undo delete. Sadly though, very few users use it. Perhaps they don’t realize how powerful this function can be or simply ignore it. Say for instance you are selecting multiple files by holding down the CTRL key and hovering around selecting the files using the cursor. Then, without your consent, you hit the Del key and all the files you had selected are gone! What you want at that moment is to recover the deleted files as quickly and painlessly as possible. Well, you don’t have to sit there and start weeping over and over again. It is common to find others strategizing how to create the deleted file a fresh but is it really worth it?

All you need to do is use the CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut. This will restore all the files deleted instantly. Follow the following easy steps.

To restore a deleted file or folder,

1. Open Computer by clicking the Start button and then clicking Computer.

2. Open the folder that used to contain the deleted folder


3. Hold CTRL and Z keys simultaneously to undo delete.

If your hands are not familiar with the keyboard quite well, you may want to use the undo delete option by right following these easy steps.

1. Open Computer by clicking the Start button and then clicking Computer.

2. Open the folder that used to contain the deleted folder

3. Right click in the fold and select undo delete as shown in the image


Ideally this will restore the files you recently deleted just like CTRL + Z would.

At times the files you have selected may accidentally duplicate in the folder they are originally saved. Chances are they will move to another folder against your wish. Before you hit the large red panic button, remember to use the power of CTRL +Z shortcut to reverse this situation.

Restore from the recycle bin

Anyone with basic computer skills understands that files, when deleted are automatically transferred to the recycle bin. Did you know the files in the recycle bin can actually be restored? Well, since accidental file deletion is not far from the public action, it is worth noting the power in the recycle bin. Deleted files can be retrieved from the recycle bin really, really fast. However, permanently deleted files are not recycled in the recycle bin and require a more powerful data recovery tool to recover them.

The recycle bin shortcut is prominently located on the desktop in most operating systems.


If you have lost an important file, chances are it is resting in the recycle bin waiting for you to give it a second life. Follow the following steps to undo delete from the recycle bin.

1. Double click on the recycle bin icon to open it.

2. Once it is open, you will see all deleted files as shown in the diagram below

3. Right click in the recycle bin and select undo delete

4. Sometimes the recycle bin may contain many deleted files such that finding the file in question becomes a difficult task. Here, you will need to search for the specific file in the search box and restore it. If you are not sure whether you actually deleted the file in question, or perhaps you can’t recall the actual name of the deleted file, right-click in the window, point to “sort by”, and select “date deleted” to view files that were recently deleted. You can then restore the file easily and keep smiling

Restore with the help of Wondershare Data Recovery

Sometimes all the methods mentioned above may fail to save the day. Accidentally deleted files may sometimes prove difficult to restore. This commonly happens if the data has been overwritten. You might consciously delete a file to free up space from your hard drive only to realize how important that file was weeks probably months later. At this point, you try the CTRL+Z trick but unfortunately it can’t help. You hover through the recycle bin file-by-file in a bid to locate the deleted file and again it can’t work either. A cloud of frustration and lost hope surrounds you and you don’t know what to do.

Wondershare Data Recovery comes in handy in this situation. This is a tool for everyone. You need not be a professor in data science to use it. With this tool, recovering lost data is a click away. This tool helps you recover lost data that has been accidentally deleted or lost in whichever ways. Whether it is deleted audios, videos, documents name it! Wondershare data recovery tool is ultimately the wizard. It has been artistically designed with the state of art technology to handle diverse data loss scenarios. Whether you have lost your data through accidental deletion, formatting, improper operation or cases like computer virus eating up your data, Wondershare provides a profound solution to all these data loss situations.

Take for instance you have been working on important files from your computer and can’t find them. You can undo delete using the Wondershare data recovery tool easily. And not just for hard drives, Wondershare data recovery tool lets you recover lost data from external drives such as external hard drives, usbs, mobile phones, iPod, MP3/MP4 players digital cameras and many more.

This tool comes with four unique recovery options that guarantee to find everything you're missing quickly and easily. Here is how to go about it.

1. Select your preferred recovery mode

2. Scan your computer or device

3. Preview, recover and save recovered files

The tool comes with 4 recovery modes that help you retrieve all lost files:

The Wizard mode recovery – This recovery mode lets you find lost files by answering security questions.

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1: Choose the Wizard Mode recovery

After launching the program, you will be prompted to answer two simple questions you only need to click next and Wondershare will do the rest for you.


Step 2: Select the type of files you want to recover.


Step 3: Specify where you lost your files


Step 4: Step4. Begin to search your lost files


Step 5: Preview and recover your lost files


When you choose the Standard Mode recovery you will either follow one of the following functionalities.


The lost file recovery – With this recovery mode, you can recover formatted and deleted files with their original file names and paths.

partition recovery – Has your hard drive been corrupted? This recovery mode helps you retrieve corrupted or lost partitions, with every bit of data intact.


Raw Recovery – This feature allows you to perform a deep scan on your device and reclaim data even when the file system is corrupted.


This is a Windows data recovery tool that works without any damage to your data. It is flexible and precise. If you have a busy schedule, you can always pause and restart the scanning process later when you have time.


Wonder share data recovery tool lets you save previous scanning result and import it to resume recovery without scanning again. You can as well filter your search by file name, size or date of modification to retrieve it quickly and save time. With the image preview feature, you can find your target files and check their properties and quality before you decide to restore them. You can confirm in advance whether each file is indeed one you want to recover or not. Wondershare is the ultimate data recovery tool of all time.

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