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Top 5 Free Photo Recovery Software

Many of us have been frustrated about losing precious photos from digital camera, cell phone, computer hard drive, etc. When facing this kind of disaster, most people will hold an attitude of simply trying to look for solutions in the internet to get back lost photos. Yes, the solution would be a reliable photo recovery program. Unfortunately most of photo recovery programs in the internet need to be paid and it’s always hard for you to know whether your money is worth paying or not before you decide to buy it.

Fortunately, there’re still some photo recovery programs which are both useful and totally free. Here I’m going to recommend some powerful free photo recovery programs for you.

The list of free photo recovery programs:

Note: While all mac photo recovery programs need to pay for the recovery, all free photo recovery tools in the list are based on Windows OS.

Top 5: Recuva

photo recovery software

Whenever you try to Google a free photo recovery program or a free data recovery program in the internet, Recuva is always the top recommendation from other users because of its easy-to-use interface.

The admirable scanning speed of Recuva turns your photo recovery a short but convenient journey. Except from photo recovery, it recovers almost all kinds of files from your computer, as well as digital camera, memory card, flash drive, etc.

Special Features:

  • 1 It’s a totally free program with marvelous fast scanning speed;
  • 2 Recuva has specially designed recovering functions for pictures, music, document, video, compressed files and emails;
  • 3 You can preview found photos before recovering them;
  • 4 The states of found files will be clearly told: excellent or unrecoverable;
  • 5 Recuva is fully compatible with all Windows versions: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.
  • Get Recuva

    Top 4: PhotoRec

    free photo recovery

    PhotoRec is special free photo recovery program that runs on Windows OS, OS X, DOS and DOS. In some aspects, PhotoRec is even better than Recuva. For its basic DOS-like interface and operation, it’s the best free photo recovery program for skilled computer users. It might not be so easy-to-use for many computer owners.PhotoRec is special free photo recovery program that runs on Windows OS, OS X, DOS and DOS. In some aspects, PhotoRec is even better than Recuva. For its basic DOS-like interface and operation, it’s the best free photo recovery program for skilled computer users. It might not be so easy-to-use for many computer owners.

    Special features:

  • 1 Compared from other photo recovery programs, PhotoRec works fine with most OS in the market: Windows OS, OS X, DOS and DOS;
  • 2 It supports the recovery of more than 20 file types;
  • 3 It’s able to recover a deleted partition. Almost no free photo recovery program has this funtion.
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    Top 3: ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery)

    photo recovery free

    Actually, ZAR is a paid program. The free version of ZAR only allows you to recover photos. But the free photo recovery function of ZAR is one of the best choices for you. It scans much deeper that most data recovery programs. However, because of its deeper scan, it takes much longer scanning time that other free photo recovery programs in the list. And you can’t even pause during the scanning. This means, if your device is corrupted or can’t be recognized by computer, ZAR is a better option than other programs.

    Special features:

  • 1 It recognizes more drives than other programs, no matter the device is corrupted or can’t be recognized by computer;
  • 2 It scans the drive much deeper that other programs do;
  • 3 It offers many customized filters in “Advanced configuration”;
  • 4 You can save the scanning result for the recovery later, while most free photo recovery programs don’t have this function.
  • 5 Nicely-designed searching features
  • Get ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery)

    Top 2: PC Inspector File Recovery

    photo recovery for free

    PC Inspector is another simple and free photo recovery programs. It scans and recovers you’re the disk where photos have simply been deleted quickly. It’s created for users who have a little technical knowledge, because you need to know the difference between a logical and physical drive to start it. Though the scanning engine of PC Inspector is powerful, it takes several minutes to scan your drive and it’s not able to scan a corrupted drive.

    Special features:

  • 1 It recovers deleted photos from both logical and physical drives;
  • 2 It recovers photos even when a header entry is no longer available;
  • 3 It finds and scans partitions automatically even when the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged;
  • 4 It helps you to recovers files with the original time and date stamp
  • Get PC Inspector File Recovery

    Top 1: PicaJet Photo Recovery Free

    free photo recovery program

    PicaJet Photo Recovery free helps you to recover deleted or formatted digital photos from media cards or sticks used by your digital camera, as well as from computer hard drive. What makes it so special is that if you want to recover lost photos from digital camera, you need to make sure that the card or stick is in the camera so that the program can detect it.

    Special features:

  • 1 The interface of the program is complicated, but if you want to try something new, PicaJet Photo Recovery Free will be what you want;
  • 2 Compared from other Photo recovery program, PicaJet Photo Recovery Free is more like digital photo management and image database software.
  • free photo recovery program

    Get PicaJet Photo Recovery Free


    If you’re not a skilled computer user and you want to recovers your photo quickly, Recuva is your best option.

    For those who want to recover a photo on a device runs OS X, Linux or even DOS, PhotoRec is really useful. You’ll also need to know a little bit about basic DOS operation.

    If your photos were lost from a corrupted drive, I’ll suggest you take a look at ZAR. Though the scanning of this program is not so fast, it’ll finally detect your lost photos and recover them for you.

    PC Inspector and PicaJet are also optional if you want to recover photos from logical drive or you just want to have more attempts.

    Photo Recovery for iPhone or Android Phone

    If you photos were lost from an iOS device such as iPhone and iPad or an Android device, most photo recovery program in the market will be helpless. But don’t worry, Wondershare will show you perfect solutions for iPhone photo recovery as well as Android photo recovery.

    Wondershare Dr.fone for Android (android data recovery) is a stunning iPhone data recovery application that enables you to recover lost photos, videos, SMS, contacts and many other file types from both iPhone device and its iTunes backup on your computer. It’s definitely the leading iPhone data recovery program in the market that have saved many users’ lives and have been highly praised by them.

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