iphoto recovery: How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhoto Library

Can I Undelete Lost Photos from iPhoto Library on Mac?

A moment ago, when I was editing photos in iPhoto library, my Macbook suddenly shut down. Then I restarted it, I realized that all photos in my iPhoto library were disappeared. I didn't know what happened, but I really need my photos back. Can somebody tell me how to recover iPhoto library photos? Best regards.

Frankly speaking, iPhoto library photos can be lost due to accidental deletion, iPhoto library corruption, unknowing formatting of Mac partition/volume, system error, emptied iPhoto trash and some other reasons. If you have another iPhoto library backup on your Mac, you can retrieve lost photos from it. Otherwise, you need to get an iphoto recovery utility to help you. Here I would like to recommend three methods to help you recover photos from iPhoto library.

Method 1: Recover lost iPhoto photos with iphoto recovery software

wondershare data recovery
To recover photos from iPhoto library, I would like to recommend Wondershare data recovery for mac, a capable iphoto recovery program that is able to recover iPhoto library as well as perform iPhoto trash recovery. No matter how photos lost from your iPhoto library, you can get them back in a few clicks with this tool. Download the trail version from below.

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode to restore iPhoto

After installing and launching Wondershare data recovery for mac, you’ll see a primary window with several recovery options. You can read the instructions carefully to fully understand how these options work.

Here, to recover deleted photos from iPhoto, please select “Lost File Recovery” first.

Note: It is highly suggested to install the program in another partition of your Mac so as to avoid data overwriting.

recover iphoto

Step 2. Scan the location of iPhoto library for lost photos

Now you just need to select the partition that you set your iPhoto library in and click “Scan” to begin scanning for lost photos.

Note: If it’s the partition formatting causes the issue, please select “Enable Deep Scan” option in the window.

Step 3. Recover iPhoto library lost photos

The found files will all be displayed in the left of the window, and you will be able to preview found photos. Then you just need to select your lost photos and click “Recover” to save them back to your Mac.

Note: Please do not keep the recovered photos back to the original partition.

Video tutorial of iphoto recovery

Method 2. Recover iPhoto library from trash

If your photos were accidentally dragged to iPhoto trash and you could not drag them back to Mac desktop, you can go to your iPhoto trash, then select those deleted photos and right click to select "Restore to iPhoto Library". You iPhoto trash photos will be retrieved easily. If this method does not help, Wondershare data recovery for mac will help you then.

recover iphoto

Method 3. Rebuild iPhoto library

First, quit iPhoto and re-open it. Press and hold the Command and Option keys when you click on the iPhoto icon. Then a dialog will appear with rebuild options. Choose one option you would like to use to rebuild iPhoto library.

recover iphoto

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This is also a good way of getting your iPhoto images back. But if you can not find them on your Mac at all, Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac can be another good solution for you.
Mary Peterson
I recognize that this site is about selling you products that you might need. I also see that this post is nearly a month old, so it might be too late for you. But I thought that the same thing had happened to me recently, but I 'found' my photos stored in a different way. The problem for me was that 5 years ago when I moved things from my old computer to my current one, I wasn't sure how iphoto would transfer, so I made a file with all of the photos until that date which still appears in one of my archive folders as 'iphoto library'. The other day, I opened that folder just out of curiosity (trying to clean up my computer and dump old stuff). It seems that that was all I had to do to 'imply' to my computer that this 5 year old library was the 'preferred' library, and from that moment on it ignored all of the photo activity for the last 5 years. After nearly passing out in a panic, I tried a number of things. Closing and reopening. Restarting. Reboot. Etc. Nothing helped... until I went into my 'home' file, chose the Pictures photo, chose THAT iPhoto library and opened through that menu (as opposed to the alias I usually open from the desktop). YAY!!!!! All of my photos were still there. AND, now when I chose to open via the alias, all is normal again - current photos, events, flags, all that jazz. This info might be too late for you, but I hope it helps someone. (And I'm relieved to say that I also run Time Machine, and I have an external backup which gets updated regularly, so it could have been a LOT worse for me.) Good luck.
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