Easy to Host Your Pub Quiz with Quiz Maker Software

Many people love to get together to have a quiz game in a public place. Events like this are called Quiz Nights or Trivia Nights. The pub quizzes can cover a wide range of topics and rules. As a pub quiz host, are you looking for an easy way to deliver the questions to the quiz takers and track the results? If so, quiz maker software can do you some help.

Planning for a Pub Quiz or Quiz Night is not an easy job. An average quiz event requires about 60 or more quiz questions. To enhance the quiz experience, the questions need to be varied, not matter the question types, display effects or the illustration contents, and appeal to the most of your quiz takers.

Original Questions or Not Original Questions

To make a quiz with all original quiz questions, you get to spend a lot of time to research every question that you are going to ask and its answer. If you don't need completely original questions, many free online pub quiz resources are available:


Paper-based Quiz or Flash Quiz

When the questions are prepared, off course you can print them out on papers. And there is a low-carbon and better way to create your night quiz – transferring your quiz to an animated and interactive Flash file and show it to quiz takers. That’s what Flash maker software can do. No doubt that Flash quiz is more appealing can engage more people to take the pub quiz activity.
By the way, quiz maker software is powerful enough to create the quizzes of most popular types such as multiple choice quiz, matching quiz, sequence quiz, hot spot quiz, etc.

Text Quiz or Multi-media quiz

Text quiz shows you the questions with some plain words. However, for some complicated or image questions, that is not enough. What if you can add images, audio or even video as the illustration for your questions? Quiz like this must be cool. With Wondershare QuizCreator, you can easily insert the objects mentioned above to make your quiz more compelling.

  • Image: Illustrate the objects in the question or answer options. E.g. who is the guy in the picture? Place Obama’s photo under the question.
  • Audio: Illustrate the question or make it part of your question. E.g. what is the name of this song (from Lady GaGa)? Import the audio clip of Lady GaGa’s Poker Face to the question.
  • Video: Show more information about the question. E.g. which company caused the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

If you are interested in creating such Flash quizzes for your quizzes nights, learn more about the quiz software QuizCreator >>

Usually the pub quiz questions in the form of Flash can be shown by a projector connected to your computer. Your will distribute answer papers to participants and ask them to write down their answers and hand the papers to your. Then you will judge who have given you the right answers. The process sounds complicated, isn’t it? The QuizCreator Online comes with QuizCreator provide the service to track the quiz results and grade the answer online. If there are enough computer or lap-tops in your house, ask them to take the quiz online, that will save you a lot of trouble.

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