What Features Should be Included in Online Examination System

With the development of the Internet technology, online examination has become more and more poular since it helps people save much energy and time. As an efficient and effective way of teaching and learning, online examination can prevent from cheating and ensure the fairness of the examination results. A good examination system should be developed based on the needs of a real examination. Here are some features an examination system should provide:

Examination Instructions

The examination instructions will show the basis contents of the examination and something that should be paid attention to. Usually the following elements such as total questions, full score, passing rate, passing score, time limit, etc. are included in the instructions page.

Accessibility of Examination Content

Preset accounts and passwords can be set to protect the contents. And participants can register themselves online. Only authorized users can take the assessment contents. What’s more, domain hosting limitations can be set. Even if the participants have downloaded the flash assessment, it can not be played.

Valid Time of Examination Content

The participants can log in the examination system with their accounts and passwords to access the relevant page to complete the testing in the valid time. The examination will be unavailable when the valid time expires.

Time Limit of the Examination

Participants may log in the system to take the examination after the start time. When the testing time is used up, the examination results will be submitted by participants. Even if the examination is not completely finished at that moment, it will be submitted to the reporting system too. The start time and end time will be recorded precisely in seconds.

Time Reminder for the Examination

The time reminder will tell the participants how much time left during their examination. When it comes to the end of the testing, some alter audio will remind you of submitting your examination paper.

Submission Ways

Two ways to submit your answers to the reporting system: 1. Submit one question at a time. 2.Submit all at once. The former one means the participants can not review and modify their answers to their submitted questions. However, with the latter way of submiting, the participants can review and modify their answered questions before they submit the final answers.

Result Release

Immediate release or timed release can be set to the examination. For some examinations consisting of objective questions, the scores can be calculated automatically when the testing is over. The participants can view the results instantly. If you don’t want the results to be viewed so early or there are some subjective questions needs manual grading, you can finish the grading job first and then the participants can visit the system website to check their testing results.

Online examination system

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