Practical Ways and Quiz Maker Software to Make Online Quiz

As we all know, online testing can bring a lot of benefits to assessment: time-saving, flexible and economical. For trainers and teachers, they don't have to spare the time to mark the test because the test results can be graded automatically – big time-saving. For test-takers, they can take the online test at their own preferred time – great flexibility. For organizations, testing online saves a lot of cost to employ instructor designers and print millions of test papers – more economical.

So we can see test making programs are gaining increasing popularity because more and more teachers, trainers, researchers and evaluators are in the need of creating quizzes or measuring students or trainees' knowledge. Thanks to them, making online tests becomes much easier. Here this article will introduce serveral test maker applications or quick quiz creation ways for your online quiz making.

Create Online Quiz with HTML quiz code

For the experts of Web programming, it might not be a problem. Most Web languages such as ASP, .Net, PHP or JavaScript can be used to create online quiz. Pick one of the programming languages that you are familiar to create your code and integrate it to your page to make the HTML quiz. Run it on your Web server and ask your friends to take it online.

There are some complete tutorials showing you how to make a HTML quiz with PHP and JavaScript:

PHP - Tutorial On How to Make a Quiz or Interactive Site

JavaScript - Creating questions and answers forms for your web pages

JavaScript - Spacefem's Quiz Tutorials: JavaScript Type Quizzes

Create Online Quiz with Code Generating Sites

There are a couple of sites which enable users to create the HTML quiz code easily. What you need to do is filling your question content according to the specified form, and the HTML quiz code will be generated immediately. Then you can copy and save the code as a HTML page (.htm, .html). We will take as an example to show you how.

 Step 1: Enter the required text content in to the fields.

 Step 2: Generate quiz code.

Click Add Question and the question will be added to your quiz. Click Make Quiz then you will get the following source code.

Now you can view the quiz to check how it works.

  1. Question

    Answer A

    Answer B

    Answer C

    Answer D

    Answer E

Another Quiz by QuizMaker

Create Online Quiz with Online Quiz Creation Services

You may get the resource code mentioned above to create your HTML quiz page, but you can see these quizzes generated from the resource code are quite simple. To make a quiz of multiple question types, you have to do a lot of programming job. In fact, there are many sites provide the free online quiz creation service which is really easy to make your quiz and host your assessments online. Proprofs quiz maker ( is the outstanding one with 5 question types supported, and pictures and videos can be embedded to make the quiz more engaging.  What's more, when you finish the quiz creation on Proprofs, you can share the given quiz link to others easily on Facebook, Twitter, or your blogs/sites. Beside Proprofs quiz maker, Quibblo and Classmarker also provide the similar features.

Create Online Quiz with Powerful Software

There are many free ways to create online quiz, but you may find that the question types you can produce are quite limited. Proprof comes with 5 quesiton types and some basic quiz creation features. It sounds not bad. But if you need some advanced and customizable features, you'd better upgrade your account.

In order to make more compelling and professional quiz, an outstanding quiz maker- Wondershare QuizCreator is a perfect solution. It enables users to create quiz of up to 9 question styles. Fill out the fields with questions & answers and insert the multi-media files (if need), then you can publish the flash quiz with HTML page, and upload the generated files online to share with everyone. Moreover, there are multiple ways to track the results such tracking results with email, Quiz Management or LMS. By the way, some other publishing options such as LMS package, executable file, Word/Excel are also available.

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Adobe Flash can also be used to create Flash quizzes, if you are sophisticated with Adobe Flash Script. You can create a test in multiple question types with images, sounds, and Flash movies. Here is a tutorial about how to create a quiz in Adobe Flash CS4. View the quiz created by Adobe Flash and pick the right answer in the drop-down menu.

Create Online Quiz with Google Docs

Google Docs is a totally free online tool to conduct online multiple choice tests and surveys. With it, you can create a multiple choice test, invite others to take the test and then grade the test automatically with its formula function. Furthermore, it can generate insightful graph analysis for each question with which you can know the test takers' levels of understanding for specified knowledge. Here are more guides for you:

Guide to make online test with Google Docs
Guide to share the online test created by Google Docs
Guide to grade the Google Docs quiz automatically

So we can see there are many ways which help you create online tests. For making an interactive Flash test, Wondershare QuizCreator can be one of the most suitable ways. For creating a simple test with not many question types, free online quiz tool or Google Docs will be nice. You can also use PHP programming or JavaScript to create online test in some occasions. Just enjoy the fun of creating an online test.

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