Make Multiple Choice Quiz with Multiple Choice Quiz Maker

Online quizzes have become the essential tool for teachers and trainers to measure their students and trainees. And the multiple choice questions (MCQ) have been widely used in all kinds of quick assessment. If you want to make a multiple choice quiz, Wondershare QuizCreator will help you. It's an all-in-one quiz maker program including 9 popular question types including multiple choice question. And you can make it a multiple choice quiz maker and create engaging Flash-based quizzes. Now follow these steps below to learn how to create a multiple choice quiz.

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1 Create a Multiple Choice question

On the Home tab, click the Question button, select Multiple Choice in the New Question list and click OK to edit the question in the Question Editing window.

Creator a new question

2 Enter question in the question text field

Enter the multiple choice question in the question field, and you may edit the font of test as easy as using Microsoft Office tool. With the powerful editing features, you can easily insert images, equations, hyperlinks and even some note of tips.

enter question

Besides, QuizCreator provides the media area for you to insert images, audio and video files. Insert audio - You can record a sound clip, import an audio file or even convert the text to speech for your question. Insert video - you can insert an FLV or SWF file to the question.

3 Enter the choices in the Choices field

Enter the choices in the Choices field and mark the correct answers in the Correct column. You can enter two choices at least, and nine at most. Images, equations, hyperlinks and fonts editing are also available in the choices.

make mutiple choice

4 Set feedback for the multiple choice question

After creating your quiz, you should provide some interactive feedbacks to quiz takers. You can select feedback type from the drop-down list in the Feedback group and choose either by Question or Answer.

Set feedback for the quiz

  • By Question: The feedback is based on whether the question is answered correct or not.
  • By Answer: The feedback is based on the single choice of the answers. Quiz takers select different choices and get different feedback.

Type the feedback message for correct and incorrect choices in the question Feedback pane. Pictures, equations, and audio files can be inserted in the advanced setting.

Branching is also available in the Feedback group. You can branch quiz takers to different questions based on their responses to the previous questions. Like feedback, branching could also be specified by question or by answer. It will guide test take to "continue, finish or go to specific question".

5 Set points, time limit and more for multiple choice quiz

To make it a decent test, there are some properties such as points, attempts and time limit can be set to the question. Besides, you can branch quiz takers to different questions based on their choice to the previous questions.

6 Save the multiple choice quiz

When you finish the editing this quiz, you can click OK to save the question and close the Question Editing window. Or you may click the New Question button to save the current question and create another Multiple Choice question.

Now you have finished the creation of a multiple choice quiz. Go to Properties and you can do a lot of general settings for your whole quiz. To make your multiple choice quiz look more engaging, you may pick a delicate built-in quiz player template or design one by yourself. Then you can publish this quiz as a Flash test to challenge others. If you want to track the results, you can specify some email addresses in the publishing window, or you may upload the quiz to LMS or QuizCreator Online comes with QuizCreator.

Download Win Version

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What is the number?
Can you help me on how to enable tracking the number of attempts by a quiz taker in MC Quiz Maker?
Hello, this is so perfect for quiz. Nice work. But I want to use it for spelling bee but my problem is that I have to record the the voice pronouncing the words manually. Can you please help.
Sorry to tell you that this program does not support this function at present. Please kindly understand.
can i convert exe quiz into excel file again?
Hi, P.S. RAJA, please kindly refer to this tutorial: How to Use Quiz Creator to Teach Math.
How to add Microsoft Equation in Quiz?
Hey, Meet2ajay, When you finish entering the 100 questions and options on QuizCreator, these questions and options will be saved as a data base. And you can set your preferences for the data base as well.
Dear Ashwin, I am sorry to tell you that you are able to set 9 answers at most on Wondershare QuizCreator.
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