Two Ways to Make a Flash Quiz

If you are looking for ways to create a simple online quiz complete with options for feedback, scoring and tracking, use free Flash quiz templates in Adobe Flash is a goof ideal. But if you are not an expert in Flash, Wondershare QuizCreator can be the alternative program for you. This article will teach you how to create a flash quiz using these two tools.

Part 1: Make a Flash Quiz Using Adobe Flash

Flash MX and the later versions provide quiz templates which help users track results automatically and send the quiz to a learning management system (LMS) with SCORM and AICC compliance. So just make good use of these built-in quiz templates, then you can create compelling and interactive Flash quizzes.

Step 1: Download Adobe Flash and Create a New Flash Document

First of all, if you don't have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, go to Adobe's official website ( and download a 30 day trial version. Then after running this software, create a new Flash document choosing the existing Quiz Template.
File > New > Templates tab > Quiz Category > Modern Photo Quiz_style2 Template

New quiz from template

Then a fully functional quiz with quiz templates of Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blank, Hot Objects, Hot Spot, Multiple Choice, and True or False, will pop up.

Edit Flash Quiz

Step 2: Edit the Questions and Answers and Test the Moive

Edit your questions and answers in this project. Then test the moive by clicking Control > Test Movie.

Step 3: Save the Flash document

Then save the Flash document, giving it a name by choosing File > Save.

Tip: Add More questions in Flash Project
You can add any question types as a single quiz (e.g. true or false) into your newly created Flash document at any time.

1. If you want to insert a single question as learning interaction, you can just do it like this:
Window > Common Libraries > Learning Interactions

2. A library of the various learning interactions will open up. Drag the one you want onto the stage.

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Part 2: Make a Flash Quiz Using QuizCreator

It is practical to create Flash quizzes with Adobe Flash, but not everyone can use Flash programming perfectly to create quizzes. However, there are some rapid quiz authoring tools like Wondershare QuizCreator to help you make Flash quizzes in a really easy way.

This Flash quiz make provides up to 18 question types for creating both quizzes and surveys. Question types, in fact, are almost the same thing like Flash quiz templates mentioned above in Adobe Flash. The difference between question types and the Flash quiz templates provided in Adobe Flash, is that with these questions you don't have to know anything about Flash ActionScript but you can create engaging quizzes in minutes. This Flash quiz maker provides form-based editing mode for you to do the creation and settings for any type of questions like True or False, Multiple Choice (Single Answer), Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Sequence, Click Map, etc. Open a question type and a window with a preset form will pop up. Fill the blanks from field to field and you can preview the test instantly to check the effect.

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Form-based editing mode

For more knowledge about using QuizCreator for creating Flash Quizzes, please refer to:

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thank om :D
Hey, Akhlis Swandiono, you do not need to combine flash with Wondershare quizCreator. After you fill in your quiz with questions and answers, you can publish it as a flash. If you mean you want to add a flash to the quiz you're creating, you can insert the flash to the quiz in the media area on QuizCreator.
bagaimana cara menggabungkan flash dengan qizcreator?
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