How to Share YouTube Video to Facebook Profile

Facebook has recently release a new Facebook profile - Timeline profile. Whether you love Timeline or not (delete Timeline?), adding YouTube videos to Facebook is easier and intuitive to play. This article will show you how to share YouTube videos to Facebook without install anything. You and all your friends could click to play YouTube videos right on your Timeline profile. No need to quit Facebook.

Tips: Use free youtube downloader to get the video off YouTube. You can also make funny YouTube videos with photos and music >>

Method 1: Directly post URL on Facebook Timeline

So here goes the outlined steps:

Step 1Get the YouTube Video URL

I know you could share YouTube video by using Share on Facebook button to post a link on Facebook wall, but in such cases, you or your friends have to leave Facebook to watch YouTube video. We ask for more - stay with Facebook for YouTube videos.

Come back to our story. Usually, you could simply copy the YouTube video URL from browser address bar. Copying from a hyperlink also works.

Step 2Include YouTube in Facebook Post

Now login your Facebook account, and directly paste the YouTube video URL to the Status post field. The YouTube video title, description, and thumbnail will be automatically detected and included in your post. Change the privacy settings if necessary: you could share YouTube videos to public, friends, yourself or anyone on Facebook.

youtube to facebook 1

Step 3Feature YouTube Video on Facebook

A YouTube addict will love the new Facebook Timeline profile because it provides better YouTube experience on Facebook. By featuring an added YouTube videos, you will enjoy YouTube video on Facebook similar to what on YouTube. Click the "Feature" button (star) to make YouTube video player across the timeline to have a large size.

Step 4Play YouTube Video on Facebook Timeline

You will need the latest Adobe Flash Player installed to play YouTube videos on Facebook. Download it here.

youtube to facebook 2

Method 2: Use share button under YouTube videos

Here come the easy steps.

Step 1: Go to YouTube's website and find your favorite videos. Click the video to play.

Step 2: Find the Share button under the video and click it.

Step 3: Set the start time and click Facebook to share the video to Facebook. It's just that easy. Try it out.

Make Your Own Videos from Photos and Music

If you want to personalize the YouTube video, you can read this:

They're downloading



Download video from Youtube and also another 1000+ video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo on Windows for offline access or playback on your mobile devices.

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