How to Make a Slideshow with Pan/Zoom Effect

Pan/Zoom effect is a technique to turn still images into a slideshow (or film). In the last century, Pan Zoom technique was extensively incorporated into documentary films by American documentarian Kenneth Lauren Burns (Ken Burns). This is where Ken Burns effect derives from. Nowadays, many non-linear video editing software could be used to achieve Pan Zoom effects easily, such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, DVD Slideshow Builder, etc., for either Windows or Mac platform.

On Windows platform, Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder incorporates good control of pan and zoom features. You can not only apply premade pan-zoom effects in one click, but also design your own pan zoom effect. It's called Customize Motion. Below is a slideshow example with Pan Zoom effects - HTML5 browser required.

Get 50+ pan zoom effects for slideshow now.

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Use Preset Pan Zoom Effect

DVD Slideshow Builder includes more than 50 built-in pan zoom slideshow templates. In one click, your still images live up instantly. By the random button, also give each image a unique panning and zooming style.

apply pan zoom effect

Customize Pan Zoom Effect

To provide more pan and zoom customizations, use the 'Customize Pan Zoom' feature to have more controls over image animations. To do so, right click an image and go to Motion > Customize Motion to show up the pan zoom editing windows as below.

custom pan zoom effect

As you could see, there are Begin and End windows on two sides. Specify the position, size and rotation, respectively. And then you could preview your own pan zoom effect immediately.

Here is how to customize slideshow pan zoom effect:

  • To pan: drag the images set different positions in the two windows.
  • To zoom: resize image by the handles in the four corner of image.
  • To rotate: mouse over the button in the center of image, and drag when the double-arrow icon appears.

An pan zoom effect representive icon will appear on photo thumbnail on storyboard when slideshow pan zoom effect is added to that photo.

In short, making pan zoom slideshow with DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is very easy. When you are happy with your slideshow, you could save it as a video file to play on computer or device, or directly burn to DVD to watch pan zoom photo slideshow on TV. Have a try.

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