Newborn Baby Checklist: Time to Get Everything Ready

Having a baby may be the most excited event in your life. Congratulations, but calm down, you have got so many things to prepare, including the nursery room, clothing, bathing, diapering, hearth and care, and more. Get stained yet? Don't worry. We are here with you to get everything ready with following newborn baby checklist. Check it out.

Newborn Baby's Nursery Checklist:

Your baby's nursery should have a comfortable feeling. It's the place for your baby to sleep, eat and play. Nursery decor is definitely the most important part. You have good choices such as ducks, teddy bears, bunnies, angels, marine life, alphabet letters and cartoon characters.

__ Crib or cradle
__ Bassinet
__ Night light
__ Nursery decor
__ Dresser
__ Changing table
__ Bouncer seat
__ Rocking chair
__ Walker

Clothing Checklist

Easy change and softness are the eternal demands. You will probably change your baby several time a day, especially the baby is newly born without any training.

__ 3-5 newborn gowns
__ 6-12 bodysuits or baby T-shirts
__ 6-12 pairs of soft pants
__ 6-12 soft pajamas
__ Tons of baby socks and booties
__ Cap (keep temperature at night)
__ Sweater
__ Mittens
__ Baby sun hat

Newborn Baby Feeding Necessities

For breastfeeding moms, it's a good idea to prepare a pump in case that your baby doesn't latch on. For a work mom, you could also store extra milk in bottle before going to work. For bottle feeding, a sterilizer is necessary because feeding necessities need to be sterilized after every use.

__ Baby bottles
__ Nipples
__ Pacifiers
__ Baby bibs (8-12 bibs, mealtime is really messy)
__ Breast pump
__ Breast milk storage containers
__ Bottle brush
__ Bottle rack
__ Breast pads
__ Highchair
__ Nipple cream
__ Nursing pillow
__ Nursing bras
__ Bottle sterilizer
__ Bottle warmer

Newborn Baby Bath Necessities

Water is enough to have a bath for your baby. Old water is recommended for the first few weeks. If a shampoo is used, make sure it's synthetic fragrances free and no harsh ingredients.

__ Baby bathtub
__ Hooded towels
__ Dozens of washcloths
__ Baby soap and shampoo
__ Bath toys

Newborn Baby Diapering Checklist

Cloth or disposable diapers are a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that it will cost your tons of diapers. You will be changing your baby up to 12 times a day. So prepare enough diapers.

__ Cloth or disposable diapers
__ Diaper pail
__ Baby wipes
__ Diaper bag
__ Travel wipe container
__ Changing pad
__ Diaper ointment

Newborn Baby Health and Care

I think the most important baby health and care necessities would be the fever reducer. High fever will cause serious problems. However, my best advice is that ask your pediatrician or family doctor for recommendation.

__ Cotton swaps and alcohol
__ Fever reducer as recommended by your pediatrician
__ Baby lotion
__ Diaper rash ointment or cream
__ Thermometers
__ Baby size nail clippers
__ Soft newborn toy
__ Bulb syringe
__ Saline nasal spray or drops
__ Baby-safe sunscreen
__ Ask your

Saving Baby Memories

This is may be the most important part as to my experience, because the baby memories will generally last for a lift time. From the baby is born, you may want to record every moment, especially those milestones.

__ Camera (take photo or video for making memorial slideshow or baby scrapbook)
__ Scrapbook or photo album
__ Baby book and/or journal
__ Picture frames
__ Handprint and/or Footprint keepsake kit
__ Keepsake box for the hospital bracelet, first haircut curls, etc.

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