iPhoto to Picasa: Export iPhoto Pictures to Picasa Albums

iPhoto is the built-in photo manager in Mac, which has an easy-to-use interface to let you import, edit and organize your pictures in Mac. However, iPhoto is far away from perfect- at least it's not easy to share your pictures online with your family and friends. Thanks to Google, Picasa Web Albums provides a batch uploader for iPhoto so that you can effortlessly export iPhoto to Picasa Web Albums. Below is the step by step tutorial on how to export iPhoto pictures to Picasa web album.

What you will need to export iPhoto to Picasa

1. A Mac computer

2. Picasa Web Album account, if no, register one for free

3. Picasa Web Album Exporter plug-in for iPhoto

Now see how to export iPhoto to Picasa using Web Album Exporter

Step 1: Install Picasa Web Album Exporter

Download Picasa Web Album Uploader and install to Application list. To do so, simply drag the Picasa Web Album Exporter icon to Applications icon. The installer package includes both the iPhoto Exporter plug-in and the Mac Uploader. Below is the difference between iPhoto Exporter and Picasa Uploader.

iPhoto Exporter: Use this iPhoto plug-in to upload your pictures directly from iPhoto. If you have iPhoto '08 or later, you can also upload your videos.

Picasa Uploader: This is a standalone application, which enables you to upload all photos and videos on your Mac OS hard drive (not just iPhotos) to Picasa Web Albums.

iphoto to picasa

Do note that the iPhoto application must be located in the /Applications folder during installation of the iPhoto Exporter.

Step 2: Run iPhoto Application

After successfully installed Picasa Web Album Exporter, run iPhoto application. Select the iPhoto album you want to export to Picasa, and then click "Share" -> "Export" -> "Picasa Web" . You will see following panel, in which you could sign in your Google account and making settings to title, description, scale, etc.

export iphoto to picasa

Step 3: Start exporting iPhoto Picture to Picasa Web Album

When everything is ready, simply click "Export" to start uploading iPhoto pictures to Picasa web album. The upload time varies from a few minutes to a long time depending on the photo numbers you are exporting from iPhoto to Picasa. Once finished, you can simply send the Picasa Web Album URL to your friends and family.

iPhoto to Picasa Tips:

1.You could insert keywords into the Picasa web album description if you want others to find your album easily.

2.If you don't use iPhoto, you can still use the standalone Web Albums Uploader application to upload your pictures to Picasa Web Albums.

3.You could also use iPhoto pictures to make 2D/3D flash gallery to share on personal website and blog.

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