How to transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

It is by far the most common type of transfer that is made to the iPhone using a Mac or PC. To make sure that the process continues without any hassle the user needs download and install the latest iTunes software so that the issue is never faced and the user continues to enjoy the best features as well. In order to complete the process the user has to follow the step by step guide that has been mentioned here so that the transfer takes place smoothly.

Part 1: Guide to transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

1.The iPhone is to be connected to the computer to begin the process in a smooth manner.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

2.After connecting the phone the iTunes software is to be launched as it is the main feature that lies at the core of the process. The user also needs to select the device and then photos from the left panel of the program.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

3.Once the photos tab is clicked all the PC or Mac photos that are linked or synced with the iTunes will show up.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

4.f any specific folder is to be synced with the iPhone the user needs to select the option of “Choose folder” and then to manually select the photos from the desired folder on the PC and if all the photos are to be synced then the user needs to make sure that the option of “All photos and Albums” is selected.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

5.After the user selects the desired option it is to be noted that the syncing will start and after the finish the user can view the content onto the iPhone without any problem.

Part 2: FAQ

1FAQ: I can’t transfer pictures from my iPhone to iPhoto because i get an error message saying "Error downloading image”. Iphoto cannot import your photos because there was a problem downloading an image.

The answer to this question is technical and for the same reason the user needs to make sure that some technical details of the iPhone are accessed so that not only the issue is resolved but the user also gets the best results in this regard. The step by step process is as follows.

1.Within the Mac preference folder the user needs to delete the iPhoto preference file. The file comes with an extension of com.apple.iphoto.plist.

2.Within the Cache folder there is a Cache.db file which is also to be deleted.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

3.Once it has been done the iPhoto photo transfer process mentioned above is to the followed once again to make sure that the process is resolved.

2FAQ:To Delete or Not To Delete

After importing images into iPhoto from iPhone, a dialog box pops up asking if you’d like to delete Photos on iPhone.

It is basically not an error at all. It is in fact the smart functionality of the Iphoto as well as the iPhone that makes sure that the best is provided as well as the extra space is also freed. If the process is looked up as a whole it will start making sense and the user will understand that how important it is to delete the photos that have been imported.

1.Once the iPhone is connected to PC or Mac the iPhoto detects the phone on its own and make sure that the new pictures are also detected and imported.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

2.Maintaining the quality and the overall resolution of the images they are imported to the system and the iphoto then asks the user to delete the photos where they should select to remove the photos instantly.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

3.his will not only vacant the camera roll of the iPhone but will also make sure that a large amount of space is also freed. The user can also make sure that the transfer process of iPhoto to iPhone is also followed to bring all the photos to iPhone that the user requires. This process has been mentioned at the start of this tutorial.

3FAQ: iPhoto won’t Import Pictures

It is a problem with number of solutions and the users can make sure that each and every one of them is followed in this regard so that the overall issue is never faced. Following is the series of resolutions that can be applied in this regard to make sure that the user never face this issue again.
1.The most standard resolution in this regard is that a user can unplug the iPhone from the PC. Reboot the PC and then start the process again. In most of the cases it works fine without any problem and it is also regarded as the most standard and easiest resolution.
2.The user can open the disk manager of the computer and check the disk functionality to make sure that the hard drive is working properly.
3.Within the home folder the user can select all the pictures that are to be imported to the iPhoto and then by right clicking the iPhoto main panel the user needs to select the option of “Show Package Contents”. It will show all the photos that are selected to import within the home folder. The user can then move these photos to another location within the PC/Mac and try re-importing them.

4FAQ: iPhoto keeps crashing

Following are some steps that user can follow in this regard: 1.The user needs to delete the plist file. It also stands for personal list file and contains information about the iPhoto and their location on the system. The location is com.apple.iphoto.plist.
2.If the above process doesn’t work then the user needs to make sure that the cache partition is accessed as the cache.db file is deleted to make the software work. It has also been shown below.

transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

5FAQ: iPhoto won’t recognize faces/places

To get the resolution any of the processes that have been mentioned below can be applied to get the results in a super fast manner:
1.The user can delete the photos from the iPhoto library and then can re-import them with the help of automatic backup.
2.If all the processes fail the user can select the “Automatic Restore” option to make sure that the issue is resolved.
3.Reinstalling the entire software program will also get the user out of trouble in this regard.

Part 3: One click iPhone photo transfer to transfer photos

It is also one of the best features which even the products of Apple itself lack. It is therefore recommended to get the best software in this regard which is named as Wondershare TunesGo Retro for Mac - iOS Transfer . There are several advantages and some of them are as follows:
1.The product is 100% hack proof as there are no online methodologies such as cloud technology involved.
2.The transfer of photos in form of batches is also possible which saves both time and effort of the user.
3.It preserves the quality for the user and makes sure that not even a single pixel is altered while the transfer is being made.

To get the outcome in the best possible manner the user needs to make sure that the following process is followed in this regard:

1.The user needs to access https://www.wondershare.com/mac-ios-manager/ and download the program from the given link. Once installed the interface is to be accessed.

TunesGo Retro - transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

2.The phone is then to be connected to the PC through a USB cable that comes along.

TunesGo Retro - transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

3.On the top of the software the ADD button is to be clicked to make sure that the PC and Mac location containing the photos are accessed. Once the new box opens the user can select the photos option under the media. All the photos that are to be imported are to be selected and open button is then to be hit.

TunesGo Retro - transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

4.At the upper right corner of the photos icon the user needs to make sure that the Media browser icon is clicked to open the iPhoto folder showing all the photos which are then drag and dropped directly to the photo window to complete the steps and the process.

TunesGo Retro - transfer photos from iPhoto to iPhone

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