Top 5 iPhoto for Windows 8 Alternatives

iPhoto is the built-in photo application that contains a bundle of tools for you to get more form your photos. Apple's introduction for iPhoto says it all: "From your Facebook Wall to your coffee table to your best friend's inbox (or mailbox). Do more with your photos than you ever thought possible. And do it all in one place. iPhoto." But since there is NO official iPhoto for Windows, and Apple has no plan to release iPhoto for Windows version, you may find an iPhoto alternative if you want the similar features available. Here several iPhoto for Windows programs will be introduced.

Option 1: Fantashow - Easy-to-use Slideshow Maker

With iPhoto, you can only create some simple slideshows. But if you want to make slideshows to fit different occasions in minutes, Fantashow is what you need. It provides 200+ eye-catching slideshow themes for you to transform photos, videos and music into fantastic movies in a few clicks. You can even add intro/credits or combine more styles together to tell the story behind photos and videos as you like. Moreover, you are able to save your slideshow as video file, directly burn it to DVD or post to YouTube and Facebook. Learn more about Fantashow >>

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Option 2: DVD Slideshow Builder - Professional Slideshow Maker for Windows

The slideshow features of iPhoto are very basic and limited. Actually, there are many professional slideshow makers in Windows 8, which let you make much more stunning slideshow than iPhoto could. For example, Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe. Providing plenty of 2D/3D transition effects, this program enables you to make your own slideshow with photos, videos and songs. It works like a charm. Moreover, you are able to save your slideshow as video file, or directly burn it to DVD. Learn more about DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe >>

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iphoto for windows

Watch slideshow sample created with DVD Slideshow Builder for Windows

Option 3: Picasa - All-in-one Photo Software

The closest iPhoto equivalent for Windows is Picasa. It’s the free photo software developed by Google that helps you organize, edit, and share your photos, like the way iPhoto does. It has both Mac and Windows version. You can try to see if it's a good iPhoto for Windows alternative.

iphoto for windows

Option 4: Photo Gallery - Great Photo Manager and Editor

Another great iPhoto alternative for Windows system is Photo Gallery application from Microsoft. This free program can help you easily edit, share and organize digital photos, while its easy-to-use interface has made it a popular software choice for Windows users.

iphoto for windows

Option 5: Zoner Photo Studio Free - Free Photo Manager for Windows

Zoner Photo Studio Free is another good application that worthy of consideration if you are looking for a Windows version of iPhoto. It lets you store, organize, and even tag your images. Another great feature is that calendars, panoramas, and contact sheets can also be quickly assembled from the photo manager.

iphoto for windows

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I have play memories home, which use to be pmb, but when i plugged my iphone into my computer it automatically asked me if i wanted to upload my photos to it, and it did it rather quickly considering i had over 300 on my phone. and it is super easy to use. i however am having an issue getting my videos from my phone on it, so i will have to do more research on that apparently. but they are stored online too, so if you computer crashes before you make discs or use a flashdrive you will have them no matter what, which is pretty awesome. and as it stands i have over 3,000 pictures and videos on there, so they definitely give you space. just a suggestion.
Yeah, iphoto is what you need. Go to apple's official website for more infor.
I'm a bit of a dinosaur, I have a PC, ipad, and iphone but really want to organise all my photos, was told that iphoto was the one to go for but .... can anyone tell me what I should do - my alternative help is my 11 yr old grandson!!
serial number please
did you see the green download button
Soroush Ilia
where is downlowd now shut
I'm a Mac user, and one of the main reason why I'm a Mac user is because of iPhoto, and right now, the current version of iPhoto is having huge problems with crashing. Until Apple fixes this, I wouldn't be so opposed to trying one of the alternatives, and I'm sure there are wonderful products for Windows users, they're just not as easy to find out about because they're not bundled with Windows the way iPhoto is bundled with OSX (The Mac Operating System, formerly known as Mac OS X).
How to recover deleted photo directly from ipad?
KOOL!!!!! XD
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