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Photo editing is fun and has become a part of people's life with the popularity of cameras. Sometimes, you may want to edit an image but no photo editing software is installed in your computer. At this time, you can turn to some online photo editors, which are very convenient to use.

There are some great free online photo editors that are easy to use. No experience of professional photo editing is needed. It is just so easy to bring your photos to the next level and catch the public attention!

Here are the best 5 free online photo editors for your to edit your photos online with ease.

Free online photo editor 1: Adobe PhotoShop Express

Adobe's online image editing tool is a Flash-based image editing application for users to edit photos on blogs and social networking sites. Users can easily make photos look better and share them through web galleries and photo sharing sites. Great features of this free online photo editing tool include touchup tool, soft focus, black and white capabilities, layering of fixes and effects, storage space, sketch effect, albums, and 3D online galleries, etc.

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Free online photo editor 2: Phixr

Phixr is an easy-to-use online photo editor with an interface similar to Microsoft Paint. With it, you can resize images, apply different effects, mix multiple images, etc. You need to register and get a free account for long-term use. Otherwise, there will be a limit for the use time.

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Free online photo editor 3: Picnik

Picnik is a great free online photo editor and is very easy to use. Just upload your photos and follow the intuitive interface to edit your photos. Oodles of photo effects, text fonts, shapes, photo frames, etc. are provided. A premium version with more advanced features is offered with a cost of $25 a year.

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Free online photo editor 4: FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer allows you to choose photos from your computer or some social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, etc. Real-time preview of the editing changes is available for better changes altering. Every tool is just one click away! It's just so easy and fun to create dazzling photo effects for free in your browser.

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Free online photo editor 5: flauntR

The FlauntR online photo editor works with a variety of social networking sites and requires registration. It provides some different programs for you to apply different effects to your photos like image editing, styling, embellishments, etc. For example, with StylR, you can add a themed frame. After editing, you can create a gallery and export the photos to cell photos with visual make/model search engine. Besides, if you want to print the photos out, you can directly go to the built-in store to order prints, posters, cards, etc.

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