Family Scrapbook Ideas - Make a Personalized Family Scrapbook

It will be a ton of fun to gather your whole family up and contribute to simple family scrapbook ideas. A family scrapbook can help you and your children to remember your precious memories, and it can also focus more on the history of the family to make a family tree photo collage with lots of old photos. The thought of scrapbooking can be overwhelming if you have never tried it before. Here are some great family scrapbook ideas for you to try.

Family Scrapbook Ideas - Birth of Children

Many of the wonderful photos taken at the birth of your child should be incorporated in a scrapbook. That's one of the more popular scrapbooking ideas. Looking at the birth photo of child with other family members and friends is awesome. Try to obtain photos of you and your spouse's own birth to make your own scrapbook.

Family Scrapbook Ideas - Goal Setting

How about making a persoanlized family scrapbook that highlights your family goal? You can post them on the wall and when you see the goal and the people who are always behind you, you will get motivated.

Family Scrapbook Ideas - Family Reunions

Make a family scrapbook with the photos on family reunions can be a great way for kids to learn about their extended family. When they set up the scrapbook or view it, they may ask some questions about the photos of their aunties and uncles, grandparents and cousins. It's a great opportunity to teach them their family heritage, and help them make connections to family members that they don't get to see on a regular basis.

Family Scrapbook Ideas - Family Travel

Gather all your family travel photos and put them in a scrapbook to memorize the sweet traveling memories. You can make a travel scrapbook as a book to teach your children about the world places. It will be very great! Isn't it? 

Family Scrapbook Layout Ideas

If you haven't started creating your own scrap book, why not start today? When you design your family scrapbook, here are some family scrapbook layout ideas to consider:

  • Include Photos of Multiple Generations on Your Scrapbook Page
  • Enlarge the Main Photo on a Family Scrapbook Page
  • Choose Patterned Paper that Helps Tell the Story of Your Scrapbook Page
  • Scrapbook Photos of Individual Family Members
  • Create a Photo Grid on Your Digital Scrapbook Page
  • Create a Scrapbook Page Collage with Same-Size Photos
  • Repeat Shapes on a Scrapbook Page for Emphasis
  • Scrapbook Less-Than-Perfect Family Photos
  • Include Ultrasound Photos on Family Scrapbook Pages
  • Mix Letter Stickers to Make a Scrapbook Page Title
  • Crop Photos to Fit More on Your Scrapbook Pages
  • Make Room for Journaling About Family on Scrapbook Pages
  • Fit More Photos on a Scrapbook Page About Family by Creating a Photo Collage
  • Include a Photo Stconvert on Your Scrapbook Page
  • Convert Family Photos to Black-and-White
  • Mix Typed and Handwritten Journaling on You Scrapbook Pages
  • Use Different Colors of the Same Patterned Paper to Reinforce Your Scrapbook Page Theme
  • Surround Journaling on a Digital Scrapbook Page with Photos
  • Crop Photos to Focus on Family Members' Faces
  • Scrapbook Old Family Photos
  • Use Paper Scraps to Create a Family Tree on a Scrapbook Page
  • Scrapbook Photos Taken at Large Family Events

After knowing about these family scrapbook ideas, are you ready to make a family scrapbook now? Just get Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder and start to make a personalized family scrapbook now!

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