Top 10 Free Facebook Photo Album Downloader

Facebook is a great platform to share photos with your family and friends. Every day we can see people sharing photos on Facebook and there are millions of Facebook photo albums. Well, uploading photos to Facebook is really so easy. But do you know how to download the entire Facebook photo albums to your computer?

Sometimes you may want to download friend's photo albums from Facebook and save the picture on your computer either for backup or more convenient sharing offline. You may find it hard to download Facebook photo albums without any plugins. Here the top 10 Facebook photo album downloaders are provided for your reference. Just get them and freely download photo albums from Facebook!

Facebook photo album downloader 1: PhotoJacker (FacePad)

PhotoJacker (previously known as FacePad) is a Firefox add-on that lets you quickly and easily download any Facebook photo albums in bulk to your computer.

Facebook photo album downloader 2: FotoBounce

FotoBounce is a desktop application available for both Windows and Mac which allows you to view, upload and download photo albums from Facebook. This Facebook photo album downloader support face recognition which save you much time to tag your photos.

Facebook photo album downloader 3: Facebook Album Downloader

If you are not using Firefox and cannot use the add-ons, then Facebook Album Downloader will be a good choice for downloading photos from Facebook. It is a Facebook application to download the entire photo albums of you or your friends.

Facebook photo album downloader 4: FaceDown

FaceDown is can help you download Facebook photos easily and fast. It well supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you don't have access to some photos you want to download, you can download the photos with the URL using FaceDown.

Facebook photo album downloader 5: Album Copier

Album copier is another Facebook album downloader which enables you to download photo albums from Facebook. When you are downloading Facebook photo albums using Album Copier, you can pause and downloading and resume it as you like.

Facebook photo album downloader 6: PhotoGrabber

PhotoGrabber is another simple desktop application which allows you to download Facebook photo albums to your computer.

Facebook photo album downloader 7: Pick N Zip

Pick&Zip is a free online tool that helps you download Facebook photos in a single zip or pdf file. Pick n Zip allows you to download a particular photo or the entire Facebook picture album.

Facebook photo album downloader 8: Fluschipranie

Fluschipranie is another plug-in for FireFox 4 for Facebook photo album downloading. After installing it, you can browse your Facebook album and right click on the album link to download the album.

Facebook photo album downloader 9: Social Photo Download

This is a free Facebook app to download Facebook photos and photo albums within seconds. It well supports Windows and Mac OS. Login in your Facebook account and run the app, then the app will get the information of the photo albums of yours and your friend's.

Facebook photo album downloader 10: Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extension is another good way to download Facebook photo albums of you and your friend's. It works via a toolbar icon. When you are viewing the Facebook photos, you can click the button to open a new page which lists all the photo thumbnails. Then use CTRL+S to save the page and all the photos.

So, there are so many great ways and tools to download Facebook picture albums. Just get the one you like and freely download Facebook photos.

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