Digital Scrapbooking Software Review

Traditional scrapbooking is an  expensive, painstaking and time-consuming art form. Different from traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking save your time and money, and enables you to preserve so many memories in minutes. With digital scrapbooking software, you can create any photos or images to digital scrapbooking. With a step by step guide, you can quickly and easily transform priceless photos into precious memories. As far as I am concerned,  best digital scrapbooking software should contains below features:

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of templates and layouts
  • Intuitive photo importing interface
  • Powerful photo editing capability
  • Easy to share

Here are the top-rated digital scrapbooking software of our choices, in accordance with the above digital scrapbooking software criteria.

Free Photo Collage Software - Picasa

Picasa is one flashy and functional free photo management and editing software which allows you make collage from templates. For professionals, you may expect better organization and searching capabilities from Google search results. However, Picasa remains an excellent choice for beginners and casual digital shooters who want to easily locate all their pictures, sort them neatly into albums, make beautiful photo collages, and share with friends and family.


  • Does basic tasks for free
  • Provides better red-eye removal, quick fixes and effects, and online sharing options than other picture collage & software.
  • Display your pictures as a slide show movie, collage or custom screensaver.
  • Suitable for casual and non-techies digital photographers.


  • Not so many photo collage templates compared with Photo Collage Studio.
  • Can't make photo book, greeting card and calendar.
  • Tied to a folder-based system of organization.
  • Limited organizational and searching features.
  • Free GIMP software offers more complexity.

Free Image Manipulation Program - GIMP

GIMP, a.k.a, GNU Image Manipulation Program is widely distributed and commonly used as photo retouching, image composition & authoring.

This program is multi-functional. You can use it a simple paint program, a professional photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc.

Also, GIMP can create digital scrapbooking for free. Sounds good, huh? Actually, GIMP is a digital scrapbooking freeware that is considered as powerful as Adobe Photoshop. You can go to for more free digital scrapbooking background, free tutorials, free brushes and so on.

Advanced Scrapbook Software - Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the easier and simpler version of Adobe Photoshop. This digital scrapbooking software combines power and simplicity so you can create digital scrapbooking with your digital photos. Make your photos look their best whatever your level of editing experience --a friendly new design and step-by-step editing assistance help get you started. Easily perform much higher-level enhancing and retouching thanks to amazing composing capabilities, easy image-selection tools. And always find and view all your digital photos with ease.


  • Professional, Powerful yet easy to use
  • Quick photo search
  • Amazing filter effects
  • Easily share on web
  • Step-by-step assistance


  • No digital scrapbooking templates
  • Expensive
  • Steep learning curve
  • Less embellishment
  • Not so easy for beginning scrapbookers

In conclusion, if you are a professional or semi-professional, or familiar with Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Photoshop Elements is absolutely the best digital scrapbooking software. You can even create sophisticated and elegant digital scrapbooking from scratch, not using any pre-made digital scrapbooking template or digital scrapbooking embellishment. 

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