Baby Scrapbook Ideas to Make Custom Baby Scrapbooks

Baby brings parents and other family members the joy and fun, which will be remembered for a whole life. Baby is the core of a family and definitely the source of happiness. You must have a sack full of baby's photos laying everywhere about the baby shower, baby's crawls, first step, first birthday...... How about getting some baby scrapbook ideas and making them into a beautiful scrapbook to better preserve those treasured memories? You can now create a baby digital scrapbook from free baby scrapbook templates with some creative baby scrapbook ideas and tips.

Baby Shower Scrapbook Ideas

1. The Theme of Baby Shower: Scrapbooking. It's so popular now among women and especially work-at-home mothers. It will make the baby shower special if every guest creates 2 scrapbook pages for the baby to be. And all the finished scrapbooks will be part of the great memories of the baby shower. You'd better to note on the baby shower invitation if a scrapbooking baby shower is planned. Below is a scrapbooking baby shower invitation wording example. Use it when you make baby shower invitations by yourself.

Come join us at
Scrapbook Baby Shower
in honor of Julie Smith

Saturday, November 30th
At 5:30 pm
The Jones Home
8332 Leesburg Street

Shower given by Laurie Hansen and Stephanie White
RSVP to 111-000-5555

2. Baby Shower Keepsake Book. Different from baby shower scrapbooks made from guest. This is the idea for baby shower hostess, who could use the taken photos, decorations, and ribbons to make either traditional or digital scrapbooks to send as a baby gift.

3. Scrapbook Kit. The remnants from the party—ribbons, gift cards, the invitation card, gift wrappers, etc. could be collected as a special Scrapbook Kit to use for baby scrapbook making. It's definitely another good keepsake.

Baby Scrapbook Ideas:

Every event of your baby will become nice memory. So take as many photos as possible. Followings are the some good moments to capture:

* First bath, first turning off, first smile, first sitting up, first steps, first birthday, Christmas, or other holidays ...

* Baby being held by relatives, facial expressions, baby sleeping, baby being grumpy

* Hospital bracelet, birth certificate, congratulation cards and pressed flowers, etc.

Baby Boy/Girl Scrapbook Ideas

With regard to baby scrapbook, blue is for baby boy scrapbook, while pink is for baby girl scrapbook. But this isn't absolute. Other colors similar to blue or pink are also acceptable.

It's a good idea to add the famous wording: it's a girl, it's a boy…, but first of all, decide the theme. You may choose a theme of faith, sport, music, cartoon, and so on. Faith and sport may be more suitable for baby boy scrapbook; music and cartoon are better for baby girl scrapbook.

Making a baby scrapbook is a easy job if you use DVD Slideshow Builder. Now download this software and use the ideas above to try it out.

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Wondershare scrapbook is great, but, they miss one important thing, we can not make custom size scrapbook'. we only have option to choose paper when print or save it and force our design to fit it. it's useless. we should have costum size from beginning so we can print or save it as we need....thanks
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