Baby Memory Book Ideas: All about the First Milestones

Having a baby is very special for dad and mom. When a baby is born, a mother and father come to the world, too. Most parents tend to preserve the every moment of the development milestones. But what is the best way? Maybe a baby memory book is the answer. It helps record the days leading up to the birth as well as all the first milestones, such as the first smile, first laugh, first step, first walk, and so on.

Why Make a Baby Memory Book

1. Treasure for a life time. While the clothes and toys are given away, baby memory books are still the priceless treasure for the family. The grown up child may know what they look like when still tiny, and the parents could reminisce the every details of the milestones.

2. Memories to connect generations. Not only the baby itself would like to watch the baby memory books, grandparents love, too. With a baby memory book, they know every detail of all the first milestones. This has special meaning for the grandparents who live far away from the baby. On the other hand, the grandchild could learn their grandma/grandpa's life through their baby memory book!

3. Another way to organize baby photos. There must be loads of baby photos, and each one seems impossible to give away. A baby memory book could contain as many as baby photos alongside beautiful decorations such as the baby shower ribbon, gift wrapper, invitation card, etc.

Baby Memory Book Ideas and suggestions

Make a baby memory book is not as difficult as it seems as long as you want to and have some spare time. And hope these baby memory book ideas helps.

1. Choose a theme. A theme decides how the baby memory book looks like and what to include inside the photo book. If you make with digital photo book software, it also relates to the selection of photo book template pages. These themes are popular: sport, cartoon, music, Christmas, and so on.

2. Before the baby. Many people may plan to make a baby memory book after the baby birth. Actually, there are so many things before the baby birth should be remembered, the ultrasound photo and body check result, the excitement wondering of the gender (it's a boy or it's a girl?), decorating the nursery room, the baby shower. In all, everything that happened while entire family is waiting for the new member could be included in the baby memory book in addition to the first milestones.

3. Photo with caption. Add some funny captions to the photos. The baby memory book is the place to make everyone laugh, and flow happy tears.

4. Memories of entire family. Baby memory books record the memories of baby first, but you'd better include memories other members have of the baby so that he/she could recall years later.

However, most of modern father and mother don't have much time to spend on a baby memory book, especially when they are having their first child. There are so many things to learn, to take care and to prepare. Fortunately, with the help of photo book software- DVD Slideshow Builder, it's much easier to create a baby memory book.

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