Make a Baby Calendar to Mark Important Dates

Having a baby is the big event for the entire family. From pregnancy to childhood, you need to pay enough attention to your child. A baby calendar helps you well organize the due dates and also remember the important anniversary dates.

Pregnancy Photo Calendar

The most important date of pregnancy is the expected delivery date (EDD) which is 38-40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). But every date is actually very important because your baby need good to better care before birth. So you are suggested to add information about how your baby will develop week by week in the pregnancy calendar. It's a good idea to add some colorful photo to calendar because babies love to watch them when they could feel this world.

Baby's First Year Calendar

Before your baby's first birthday anniversary, there are so many first milestones for your baby and you to experience and celebrate. Easily mark the special dates on a baby calendar which could definitely turn into a priceless treasure for a life time. It's also a good way to track your child's development day by day.

Easy Steps to Make a Cute Baby Calendar

While you could buy a pre-printed baby calendar in the supermarket, why not make a personalize baby calendar that is unique for your baby. You could import your favorite photos; add useful information; and even include your favorite poems. The next steps will guide you how to make a cute baby calendar with iCollage for Mac.

Download Mac Version

Step 1: Select a suitable baby calendar template

When you create a photo collage from templates, the below window will show up. To create a personalized baby calendar with photo, go to Calendar and select a calendar template to start a calendar collage from template.

Baby Calendar Tips:
1. Click the left bottom link 'Download All Templates' to get all fabulous templates for free.

2. Use a suit of templates to create multiple-page photo calendar and print with your printer.

Step 2: Import photos into calendar template

Simply drag & drop photo to calendar scrapbook page or double click photo thumbnail to add the photo. The program support .jpg, .bmp, .png, .emf, .wmf, and .tiff popular photo formats.

Baby Calendar Tips:
1. If your calendar photo is too large to full present in the frame, click Zoom Out button in the photo edit tool to zoom out the photo in the frame.

2. By the green cross on the photo, you can adjust the position of the photo in the frame. 3. You can make photo calendar for any year you want. To set calendar year, select any month and click the first button on smart tool bar. Use the same method to define months of the year. You can even collect all important months in a single calendar page.

Step 3: Save as calendar picture or directly print

After making baby calendar, you can save it in almost all common graphic formats and then send it via email or directly set as desktop wallpaper. Here we print it out with a connected printer. Make sure the printer works well before print.

You could either print one page or multiple pages calendar by specifying the pages through Select Page button. Orientation and layout is important to print a perfect baby calendar. For some baby calendar template, you need customize the layout (the bottom right layout) to get perfect prints.

Download Mac Version

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