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Trial Version vs Full Version:

You can either get the trial version of Wondershare MobileTrans or the Full Version. Let’s look at each of these two.

Trial Version Limitations

As you can probably guess, the trial version does have limitations, they include:

• For the transfer feature, you can only transfer 5 contacts.
• There is no limit the backups in the backup feature although you can only restore the first 5 contacts with the trial version.
• Can't erase the old phone's data permanently.

Full Version Benefits

Some of the benefits of the full version include:

• Unlimited transfers between phones.
• Unlimited backups and restore of all your data.
• Easily erase your old phone completely.

Trial version and full version


User Interface

Getting started with Wondershare MobileTrans is very easy. Once you download Wondershare MobileTrans and complete the Installation process, you should see the following primary Window.

Trial version and full version

Depending on what you want to do, you can utilize each of the sections in the primary window. Wondershare MobileTrans has 4 functions. Let’s look at each one to help you get started.

2.1 Phone to Phone Transfer

phone to phone

2.2 Back Up Your Phone

back up your phone

2.3 Restore from Backups

You can choose a backup destination from one of the following:
• MobileTrans
• iCloud
• iTunes
• Blackberry
• Kies
• OneDrive

restore from backups

2.4 Erase Your Old Phone

Wondershare MobileTrans helps to protect your personal data by erasing all of them from your old Android phone, safely and permanently.

erase your old phone

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