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How to Play Google Music Offline

Google Music is your ultimate music paradise in the Cloud. However, not all devices will be tuned online 24-7! Therefore, it's necessary sometime that we're able to play google music offline.

Play google music offline on Android Devices

You're lucky if you're using an Android phone or tablet. Please have a look at some of the steps below on how to play Google Music when you're not connected to the Internet.

1. Make sure you are in the correct view. On the Music app on your Android phone, select either Albums, Artists or Playlists using the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the app. On the tablet, you can switch views using the drop-down menu in the top-left corner.

2. On your Android phone, touch the menu button and choose Make available offline. On your tablet, this menu is at the top-right corner of the Application bar.

3. Touch the gray pin next to each item you want to play offline. You can select multiple items at once.

4. The gray pin will turn green, marking that the items will be played offline.

5. Touch Done and the Music app will start downloading the items to your device.

play google music offline


1. You could also touch the triangular menu button next to any album, artist or playlist, and select Available offline to download Google Music to your Android devices.

2. Dim green pins indicates that the songs or albums are transferred from a computer.

Play google music offline on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Since Google didn't release any official music player for iOS devices, there are 2 methods to play google music offline on the iPhone, iPad or iPod: As the first option, you can download Google Music to the computer and then transfer it  onto your iDevice. The other option is to download a third-party music player such as gMusic that supports offline playback. If you have any other methods that can helps user to play google music offline, you are more than welcomed to share it here.

gmusic offline

Note: just tap on the right-arrow sign to anything in a list and pick Offline.

If you have purchased the music, you can also download Google Music to your iTunes library and sync them to your iPhone, iPad or iPod to play when you're not connected to the Internet. It'll save you the extra $1.99 for gMusic player.

Play google music offline on Computer

As you know, Google provides a Music Manager for you to download Google Music onto the computer. But, wait, it ONLY applies to purchased Google songs?! Yes, so you'll need to know how to download the purchased Google Music onto your computer so that you can access them offline.

After downloading Google music to your computer, you can then use the Wondershare Player to play and manage your Google music. You'll do less and enjoy more with it's intuitive design! You can create and organize your playlists, take snapshots, choose mode of playback and much more with it. On to of that, it supports a wider degree of file formats that's not supported by other players in the market. It also starts-up faster than any other application and takes up less CPU usage as well as less crashes during files playback.

wondershare player

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Download All Your Favorite Google Music and Play google music offline anytime anywhare

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Wondershare Editor

Feb 01,2016 17:11 pm / Posted by Christine Smith to Music

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Hi there, by saying "Download Google Music to computer and transfer to your device.",I mean that you can download music from google to store on your computer and then transfer the music manually from your computer to your devices by inserting your devices in the computer. If you use an iPhone, as is recommended in the article, you can try gMusic.
What do you mean by "Download Google Music to computer and transfer to your device."? Also on your iphone screenshot what app is that where you can select offline?? Thanks for your help!
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