YouTube XL No Longer Supported? Try Better Ways to Watch YouTube Videos on Vario

Throughout the years, Google focused and exerted efforts on creating better YouTube TV experience. This need led to the development of the best YouTube XL. This is a version of YouTube and it has been available to be used for some Toshiba, Pioneer, and Sharp TV models and it also made available for limited regions of Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3. With YouTube XL, you can watch your favorite videos online in front of your TV screen.

But they have ended the support for YouTube XL on June 9, 2013. Even so, don’t freak out. You can still find other ways to enjoy watching YouTube on portable gadgets. These ways are the following.

Solution 1: Through downloading for playback on your devices

wondershare allmytube
  • 1. Easily download videos from YouTube and 100+ websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more
  • 2. One click to download YouTube playlists and channels
  • 3. Convert videos to various formats in order to play on any devices
  • 4. Supporting browsers include Chrome, Firefox and IE

How to use Wondershare AllMyTube to download YouTube videos

Step 1.Install this YouTube downloader

Click the above download link to get this program. We will take the Windows version as an example. After downloading, click the .exe file to install it on your computer.

youtube xl

Step 2. Download YouTube videos

Go to YouTube to find videos you want and play them. After the program has detected the video, a Download button will appear on the top right. Click the button to download the video. If you are downloading a playlist, click the Download button will give you a option of playlist in the drop down menu. Select Playlist and all the videos in the playlist can be downloaded.


Step 3. Transfer videos to portable devices

First of all, you may need to convert the videos so as to be supported. That's very easy. Go to the Finished library to click Convert and select a format you like. Then go to the Converted library to mouse over the videos and you will find a Folder icon appear. Click the icon and go to the folder where the downloaded files are saved. Then you can transfer the videos to your portable devices through a usb cable.

win Version mac Version

youtube xl ps3

Solution 2: Through YouTube's main website

This alternative is intended for PS3 and Wii. You can check out by using your PS3. In some regions, you might be able to download the PS3 app from PlayStation store. You can also access with your Wii. You may download the Wii app from Wii Shop Channel.

Solution 3: Through YouTube app on TV

You may enjoy the television optimized YouTube experience by using the YouTube app on TV . Install this app on your TV and start to enjoy wonderful videos on YouTube. YouTube is available on many different television device, game consoles, tablets and much more. Just have a try.

As you can see, there are lots of ways on how you can start watching your favorite YouTube videos online though YouTube XL is not available at all. These 3 solutions will surely give you the easiest way to watch YouTube videos with ease. These 3 solutions enable you to watch them anytime and anywhere you go. So now, you don’t worry about the unavailability of YouTube XL.

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