How to make a GIF from a YouTube Video

Over the last few years, GIFs have become even more popular. Always a good way to show animation quickly without taking up lots of space, GIFs have become a massive source of entertainment. Acting as buffers for funny, related messages and just about anything you can think of, GIFs are massively popular – and actually very easy to make.

Turning a YouTube video, or some part of it, into a GIF clip is actually very easy. This means you can show your colleagues funny stuff without having to go onto the mostly banned in work YouTube. Whatever reason you want to make a GIF, it’s now easier than ever. Here are two solutions that will help.

Solution 1: Download and convert YouTube videos to GIF

Wondershare AllMyTube Helps to Download and Convert YouTube to GIF

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  • Here is a detailed guide.

How to Make a GIF from YouTube Video

Step 1. Find the video you need on YouTube, and copy the video URL.

YouTube to GIF - Copy Video URL

Step 2. Click the Paste URL button at the upper left corner of the program, and the software will analyze and download the video.

YouTube to GIF - Download YouTube Video

Step 3. When downloaded video will be saved in the Finished Category. Click Convert beside the video and convert YouTube to GIF.

YouTube to GIF - Convert YouTube to GIF

Solution 2: Through GIF generation tools

However, you can make GIFs just as easily with some other tools out there. If you find yourself constantly laughing at the “Reaction GIFs” that appear all over the internet these days, then you can get yourself involved in the trend today with consummate ease.

As we described above, making a GIF is a piece of cake. However, there are many different tools that you can turn to in your quest for making everybody laugh. Here are the tools. Just have a try.

gif maker from youtube
Imageflip is an awesome website that allows you to create a GIF from any video out there. Whether that is YouTube or a file from your own PC, it’s entirely up to you. It then created a looped animation so you can make the perfect reaction to any given situation!
how to make a gif from a youtube video
GIFSoup is an awesome online site which allows you to make any YouTube video into a GIF. It takes a few seconds and will leave a watermark on your GIF, so don’t use this for any professional needs you may have.
youtube gif maker
This, like GIFSoup is quite effective and fast but leaves a large watermark. However, if you link your account to a Facebook or Twitter account then you can dodge that pain and remove the watermark!

As you can see, making GIFs has never been simpler. In the past it required a lot of work through Photoshop and similar software to get everything just right. Thankfully, today we can use intelligent software that takes all of the hard work out of it for us and leaves us with a simple to use and effective line of software.

So, the next time you simply have to include Jim Carrey pulling a hilarious face in a work e-mail, you can do so with just a few minutes editing!

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