A List of YouTube Videos and Channels for Kids

YouTube videos have become an increasingly popular form of entertainment for all ages, including kids. In this article we show you the best YouTube videos for kids and also YouTube channels for kids, so you can give the fun they deserve along with good values.

Part 1: Top 10 YouTube videos for kids

See the list of top 10 YouTube videos for kids from below. You can watch the videos here.

youtube kids
1 Kids Story: The Fantabulous Cumulo-Nimbuli Pump
This video is a cute story about a young kid who was frustrated with the constant raining season and bad weather, and how his best friends who happen to be a scientist invents a machine to suck clouds and helps him get rid of his problem.
youtube for kids
2 Kids Songs: Yellowberry Jam or Chuck Brown
This is a beautiful song for kids about a magic sauce that makes even messy and disgusting foods taste good for children.
kids youtube
3 People really like milk music video
This video has a very captivating music especially for kids and the song is perfect for children who hate drinking milk.
youtube kids songs
4 Tim and the Space Cadets
This one is a really cute song of a kid who is so influence by the Superman that he goes out to help people with their problems. This song is a little rock act called the “Tim and the Space Cadets”.
kids songs youtube
5 The Elephant Song - Cool Tunes for Kids by Eric Herman
This YouTube video has a nice song sung by Kid’s music artist Eric Herman. In this song, Eric sings an amazingly adorable song all about elephants.
youtube videos for kids
6 The Cool Alphabet (ABC) Song for children | DidiPop
This is an award-winning song, which not only entertain but also educate kids about the alphabets and the power of sound and rhythm in a fun and interesting way.
youtube videos for kids
7 Charlie bit my finger - again!
This video has been a YouTube sensation when it came out. It has been watched by over 67 million times on YouTube itself. The video is about 2 kids, probably brothers, where the elder one puts his finger in the mouth of the little one and got bitten.
kids songs youtube
8 Shoo Fly Pie performed by Johnny Bregar
This is video is fun for family and kids. Sung by Johnny Bregar and written by Guy Wood, the song is based on the classic “Shoo Fly Pie”.
youtube kids songs
9 Willy Won't Smile for the Camera - Debbie and Friends
This video is a beautiful song about Debbie’s nephew Willy. Willie just doesn’t smile in front of the camera and makes silly faces for the picture. See the video to check all the famous places Willy visits and the reason why he doesn’t smile for camera.
kids youtube
10 The 5 Best Knock-Knock Jokes
Knock-knock jokes are always popular amongst kids. This video shows 5 of the best Knock-knock jokes for the kids to cherish.

Part 2: Top 5 YouTube channel for kids

It’s not only adults but even kids enjoy watching videos on YouTube. So, we have laid down a list of 5 best YouTube channel for kids.

#1 Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo Gabba Gabba is a TV show for kids famous especially in America. And its videos are doing a killing on YouTube as well. The show is about 5 toys that come to life and their DJ friend Lance Rock.

#2 Sesame Street

This YouTube channel has a humongous collection of video, more than 1500 for kids to enjoy. Their clips are exciting, entertaining, educational and executive-function building Sesame Street videos.

#3 Baby Einstein

As the name suggest, this YouTube channel focuses on the fun and entertaining ways to teach and educate kids.

#4 All4tubekids

This channel is the perfect place for kids and parents to come together and show their best funny moments such as pranks, jokes, etc.

#5 Simple Kids Crafts

If you want your kids to expose to crafty and creative ideas, and learn crafts tutorials, “Simple Kids Crafts” should be your final destination on YouTube.

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