Troubleshooting Tips for the Common Windows DVD Maker Issues

Windows DVD Maker helps general users to easily burn photos and video to DVD. However, this program is very prone to bugs as a result. Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take if your Windows DVD Maker comes across the common issues below.

Problem 1: Cannot recognize correct amount of minutes on DVD disc

I have tried two DVD+R DL disc (8x/8.5GB/240min) but it showed different minutes capacity with the two exact disc.

Cause: Using of third-party video codec packs and different audio and video filters may cause the issue.

Solution: Restore the Windows DVD maker settings to factory defaults. To do so, follow the steps:

1. Open Windows DVD maker;

2. Click on options


3. Click on the compatibility tab


4. Then try one of the following:

  • If you want to turn off a filter, clear the check next to the video filter.
  • To restore to factory defaults, click on Restore All Defaults (Restoring to the default settings, the list and filter settings reset those to last known working settings).


5. Restart Windows DVD Maker and burn a DVD to check the change.

Problem 2: Windows DVD Maker not Working

When I start burning DVD on slow burning process, it burns for few minutes and after completing 99 percent it remain stuck and displays an error, “Cannot create DVD” and a warning that shows, “ An error occurred when burning DVD.” Then the DVD will be automatically turned out from the burner. When I had again inserted the disc into the disk drive, the disc was empty and nothing had burnt to the disc. I have tried different DVDs but all time same result. I was trying to burn movies which are in WMV format.

Cause: Burning with inappropriate media type option.

Solution: Check the compatibility of burning media type if it is compatible with your DVD drive. Then select DVD+R or DVD-R accordingly.

Problem 3: Cannot play DVD in player

Cause: Incompatibility with NTSC or PAL mode.

Solution: Check in the options menu if windows media player is in NTSC or Pal mode. If it is in PAL mode, then change it into NTSC mode and select medium burning speed. Your DVDs will now play in your computer as well as in your player.


Problem 4: DVDs won't play in some players

Cause: DVDs cannot play due to the following reasons:

Disk type is incompatible with some DVD-ROMs. Some DVD-ROM drives can only play selective type DVDs like DVD+R or DVD+RW.

The disc quality is too low. Some DVD drives cannot play DVDs if it is not good repair or in high quality.

DVD decoding software is not installed on the computer.

Solution: You can try the following procedures:

  • Use compatible DVD with the DVD drive.
  • Use high-quality DVD or make sure there is no scratch in DVD
  • Install DVD decoding software in your computer.

Problem 5: The preview of DVD is not smooth

Cause: Files or media on your DVD is damaged, or your computer processor and video card is not capable of playing the media.

Solution: Try closing other programs to free up system resources and check the capabilities of your video card. Also check the capability of your processor. If your computer is incapable of playing the media then upgrade your processor and video card. Remember, burning DVD is not affected by this configuration but while playing configuration matters.

Problem 6: DVD burner is failed to burn DVD

Cause: DVD burner is not connected to the computer properly or remain powered off. This error is also occurred if the computer is missing the driver for the DVD drive.

Solution: Try the followings:

  • Check and verify if the DVD burner is connected to the computer properly.
  • Check if the device is working properly in the Device Manager menu. To do so, First click on Start button, then click on Control Panel. Click on Device Manager. Click the arrow next to DVD/CD-ROM Drive. Double click on the DVD burner will show you if the device is working properly or missing device driver. Install device driver software supplied with the DVD-ROM drive.
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  • Choose the medium or lower burning speed instead of higher burning Speed.

Problem 7: The program is not responding while adding video

Cause: Conflict with video filters using by the file.

Solution: Turnoff one or all video filter in Windows DVD maker. If you don’t understand which video filter to turn off then reset Windows DVD Maker to factory defaults by following the step explained in the solution of problem one.

Problem 8: Some text is missing while playing the DVD

Cause: Texts are too long to fit on the TV screen.

Solution: Before burning DVD, make sure all the texts appear by previewing your DVD in Windows DVD Maker. To do so, on the ready to burn page, click Preview.

Problem 9: The menu looks different on TV screen

Cause: Problems with the aspect ratio of TV screen.

Solution: Windows DVD Maker screen is by default at 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio. In some standard TV having aspect ratio of 4:3, may miss some menu to appear in the screen.

Problem 10: DVD video plays fine but no sound

Some days ago I burnt a small video of mpeg2 formats. The DVD plays on my computer, and the DVD player video is ok but no sound is playing.

Cause: Missing the audio codec pack for DVD.

Solution: Try installing a compatible codec pack like windows codec pack. You can download it by click on the following link:

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