Recommended Tools for Impressive and Easy Vlogging

Today, video blog, or vlog, has become an essential tool for online marketing. Though vlogging, you can easily connect your customers on a more personal level and grab their attention. Here we sort out some useful tools for you to start up your own vlog.

Part 1: Screencasting & Recording Tools for Vlogging

If you just want to use your computer's webcam to make your very own videos, some good and simple software could be used to help you achieve that.

google plus live hangouts
Google Plus Live Hangouts can help you easily create panel or interview-type video. Just sing in your Google Plus account, start a “Hangout” video conferencing session and enable “Hangouts On Air”. Once the broadcast begins, people can watch and a recording will go straight to your corresponding YouTube account. Learn more >>
Pamela for Skype
Pamela for Skype is free, reliable and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software. It can be used to vlog or create podcasts. Main features include record Skype chat, Skype Voicemail, forward voicemail via email voicemail and emotion sound player. Learn more >>
DemoCreator is an easy-to-use program that records the activity of your computer screen with just a couple clicks. It’s ideal for creating some instructional videos so that your audience can just watch and learn. It also offers several delivery options: you can either publish as Flash-based demos for web sharing or save to different formats. Learn more >>

Part 2: Editing Tools for Vlogging

The post production process is of equal impertinence to your vlogging. Here we’ve sorted out some options available depending on your skills and experience level. You can identify with one which is right for your needs.

Beginner/Free Options

Although various video editing software costs a lot, there are some durable and high performance tool available for litter or even no cost at all. Some of the options include:

Equipped with an array of fantastic and practical video editing features, iMovie is an idea video editing tool for anyone. Comes with every new iMac, it’s free of charge and provides a wide range of effects and tools sets, thus it’s always considered as an essential tool for any Mac user to enhance their vologs. Learn more >>
windows movie maker
Windows Movie Maker used to be bundled with Windows operating system and has been assisting amateurs for a very long time. It features the drag-n-drop functions and offers almost all the classic video editing functions including trim, rotate, split, combine as well as adding music track, filters and themes. Learn more >>
Avidemux is another popular free video editing tool. It can handle most of the basic editing tasks such as crop, rotate, combine and cut very well. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. Besides that, it also stocks a list of filter options perfect for adding those extra finishing touches. Learn more >>

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Hi Liza: I already have Pinnacle, which is similar to Wondershare (although more expensive than Wondershare). While Wondershare looks like a great video editor, it's not the same as Visual Communicator. The thing I liked about Visual Communicator was the ability to basically "pre-edit" as it were, write a script, and have it teleprompt you while doing a video cam recording. It's that teleprompter capability that seems missing in everything I can find.
Hi, John, as we known that the Adobe Visual Communicator has discontinued in 2013. If you need a smilar video editing program, you could try the one named Video Editor. If you have interest in it, you could go to the website below to download the free trial verison first.
Has anyone built anything close to Adobe (previously Serious Magic) Visual Communicator?
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