10 Powerful QuickTime Features That You Might Not Know

Quicktime not only work as as a player, it can help you do a lot of things. You can use it to download trailer, make or edit movies, and even convert WMV, AVI, and MKV to QuickTime. Here I compile 10 great features of QuickTime that you might miss. Just read through the article below.

1. Download quicktime trailers

You were able to free download quicktime trailers in glorious 1080p in itunes movies Trailers website, and stream videos at 480p, 720p or 1080p with QuickTime. However, since May 22, 2013, Apple phases out the trailer download options. Downloading quicktime trailers become impossible and video streaming will be only at 480p or 720p x.

However, you don't need to be upset, just find the guide here on how to download quicktime trailers from Apple's servers.

download quicktime trailer

quicktime screen recording

2. Record QuickTime screen

QuickTime player lets you easily record what's occurring on your Mac's screen or record just a region of your screen.

Think about it, you may need to create a teaching tutorial, or make a demonstration for troubleshooting, or record a streaming football game or a TV show. You can simply make QuickTime movie with the QuickTime screen capture feature. QuickTime's screen recording capability will make everything much easier and funnier for you.

3. Broadcast live video

You can use QuickTime Broadcaster to stream live video to a QuickTime server. Producing a high quality live events for Internet delivery can be much easier and faster.

QuickTime Broadcaster combined with QuickTime Streaming Server and QuickTime provides the gorgeous MPEG-4-based Internet broadcasting system. No matter you are a new beginner or a professional, you will soon enjoy the great benefit QuickTime Broadcaster brings.

quicktime brocaster

quickime edit video

4. Edit QuickTime movie

Take QuickTime as a video editor, it can help you personalize your videos by trimming, rotating, splitting or combing clips, etc. You can edit QuickTime video without launching the sophisticated iMovie. QuickTime trimming function lets you remove the unwanted content of a movie or a movie clip. Also QuickTime lets you rotate or flip your upside down video to the viewing position.

Note: QuickTime X (any version) doesn't support rotating videos.

5. Convert WMV, AVI, MKV to QuickTime for playback

QuickTime default format is MOV. To play WMV, AVI or MKV, you first need to install the 2 QuickTime components, Flip4Mac or Perian, to add more codec support for QuickTime. Flip4Mac allows the playback of Windows Media Player formats, while Perian supports more formats.

For Mac 10.9, the 2 components will convert wmv, avi, mkv, to QuickTime MOV upon opening the file with QuickTime player. After the conversion, you can begin to play your videos. However, if you are running a Mac 10.8 or older versions, you can play any video without converting wmv or avi to QuickTime.

Moreover, QuickTime provides optimized presets for iPhone, iPod, Apple TV. So, you can easily convert QuickTime for playback everywhere and anytime. Even QuickTime lets you extract music from movies.

Note: In case that there is no sound in QuickTime with Divx movie, just install DivX component to help you. If you come across the situation that Flip4Mac and Perian can't work after upgrading the new Mac OS, just try VLC as a QuickTime alternative.

convert wmv to quicktime

quicktime full screen

6. View QuickTime Video in Full Screen

QuickTime Pro provides full screen option. You can have better movie playback experience by setting a full screen view, making only the movie visible instead of the QuickTime Player window, desktop, or other windows.

If you have multiple-monitor setups, you can only watch movies in the primary monitor in full screen instead of your second monitor. If you are not using QuickTime Pro, check the guide on how to view a QuickTime movie in full screen without Pro. Also just click here to see how to set QuickTime stay in full screen after your movie is finished.

7. Compress QuickTime video

You can make your transferring and uploading the file much smoother by compressing QuickTime video internally without a third-party software. With the QuickTime video compressing, you can get your video optimized for streaming to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or for web delivery.

QuickTime X provides 3 compression presets, Cellular, Wi-F and Broadband. You change the current QuickTime format to an MPEG-4 format. With QuickTime Pro, you can select Movie to QuickTime movie, set the compression type to H.264 (greatest compatibility), Frame Rate, or bit rate for more control of your video compression.

quicktime compress video

display quicktime subtitle

8. Display QuickTime Movie Subtitle

QuickTime can display subtitle of your movie when it is playing. If text tracks of your video can't be showing with QuickTime X (Mac 10.6 or later), you can try to install QuickTime 7. Apple has changed the way QuickTime X handles text tracks, however, QuickTime 7 supports many of the unsupported features of QuickTime X.

Note: If you want to use MP4 with SRT in QuickTime Player, you need to first have Perian installed and then convert your video to other formats like avi. Perian can load whatever avi subtitle. Also you can just try VLC player.

9. Combine QuickTime Movie Clips

You can use QuickTime to combine video clips into one. QuickTime is far simpler than iMovie.

Step 1: Just drag and drop the 1st movie into the QuickTime's interface and point a position that other movie clips will put in the timeline cursor.
Step 2: Drag and drop the 2nd movie to the position. Then just repeat those procedures to add more movie clips.
Step 3: Click the "Close" button to pop up the file saving window. And choose the "Save As A Self-Contained Movie" option. In this way, you finish combining QuickTime movies clips.

combine movie clips

upload quicktime video to youtube

10. Upload QuickTime video to YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo...

Want to enjoy your QuickTime movie with others? You can easily upload your QuickTime video to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Flickr and then share with others.

Actually, you can upload videos via your video sharing sites account. But different websites have its requirements for enabled video formats. Sometimes you may run into the format or codes incompatibility issue. Here QuickTime will remove all your trouble with its video sharing function.

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