Aspyr Media: The Sims 2 University Update for Mac

Now Sims are young adults who are leaving their parents to lead the crucial college life. When they become the Big Sim on Campus, you can put them in college life. They'll cherish their new-found freedom as they leave friends, take part in sororities as well as fraternities and pull amazing pranks. Your Sims will find out all the campus hot-spots for they always go to gyms, lounges, coffee houses and some others. You can assist them in accomplishing new lifetime aims to gain more rewards as well as getting all of the benefits from their university years.


There is a simple instrument system in University, including the new Guitar, Drum Kit, as well as Bass objects. Several Sims are able to play together. By playing at community lots ( for instance, music clubs or coffee shops) or at their homes, Sims are able to earn money. With these instruments, the Sims can play three kinds of musical styles and once a Sim starts playing one of the styles, the others who begin to play with instruments can join into the same style. The new action "Freestyle For Tips" or "Freestyle" will enables another Sim to rap along to the instruments being played or a cappella to enjoy as well as annoying or amusing other Sims close though Sims cannot have real vocalists.

College education

The college system is the biggest advantage of The Sims 2: University. The system introduces majors, classes, as well as rewards. Students can choose eleven different kinds of majors. These majors need the advancement of particular skills to get the highest potential grades. The available majors contain Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Political science, Biology, Art, Drama, History, Economics as well as Literature.

Student finance

Every student begins with a budget apart from any family they may be from. Students are allowed to spend their money on costly things in their extra clothing, living spaces, as well as electronic gadgets or even on booking a private house which can be turned into a Greek House or can be a private home in University.


University brought in Zombies, which is a new kind of Sim. Zombies derive from the use of cheat codes or through the use of a Resurrect-O-Nomitron. rnThe player ask the Grim Reaper to bring back a dead Sim by using a Resurrect-O-Nomitron. Relying on the sum of money which the player provides to the Grim Reaper, the Sim may be brought back to life in a perfect way, with fewer personality points or skill of a zombie, or not at all. Zombies'skin is gray, when they shamble when they are walking, and they hate any who brought them back to life again. Zombies also lose some personality points as well as skill they used to have when they were still human.

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