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Snood is an interesting puzzle game which will test your intelligence more than your reaction ability. Your aim is to free Snoods that are trapped by sending other Snoods at them. Snoods will transport away if you connect three or more Snoods. If that action leaves out any Snoods and they are not connected to the top of the playing field, then they will fall to the bottom securely. However, don't take too long, because every Snood you send would upgrade the danger level. The Snoods will shift downward when the gauge fills up.

Be played LIVE in Multiplayer Mode

Play your favorite puzzle game with different friends in different places! For the first time ever, SNOOD can be played LIVE in head-to-head Multiplayer Mode and with your friends on Facebook! If you to play this game, the only computer skill needed is the capability to use a mouse.

Launch Snoods onto opponent's screen in 3D

New 3.0 features contain challenge notifications as well as access to your iTunes library. Meet new SNOOD features, enjoy more game modes as well as levels, and gather sweeter rewards for tricky launch moves. You can even launch your SNOODs onto your rival's screen in 3D With improved control! It's amazing!

4 different modes

You can play Snood in four different modes which include Classic, Time Attack, Story as well as Puzzle Modes.

Over 100 unique puzzles

There are five levels of difficulty vary from Easy to Evil including more than one hundred unique puzzles. What's more, during launch, you can touch and swipe action for increased control.

Editor's review :

This connect-the-critters game is reminiscent of Bust-A-Move and will attract players of all ages, no matter the olds or the young. Like other puzzle games, the rules of Snood are simple, and the capability to use a mouse is the only requirement. In order to make them disappear from the board, you need to connect three or more identical Snoods. If you clear the board, you will win. You will lose if the Snoods reach the bottom of the screen. There is not time-limitation. Add to that a spirit that is nonviolent and then you will get the reason why even little kids are able to play.

The game comes with levels from Child to Evil and contains a journey through levels, plus an interesting puzzle mode, which varies the gameplay nicely. The ability to choose levels will maintain your interest, and the registered version even provides a tournament mode, which enables you to play against your friends. Every puzzle gamer would have fun with Snood.

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