Top 10 Cameras for Slow Motion

High speed cameras are well known for their amazing features which help to capture slow motion moments with perfection. Many people are confused as to which cameras are the best for slow motion capture. Here is a list of top 10 cameras which are considered to be the best for capturing memorable moments of your life in slow motion mode.


The Cannon Powershot S100 functions a lens variety 24-120mm equivalent 5x zoom capability. It also features the Canon EoS latest DIGIC 5 image processer. The S100's image indicator is a 12.1 MP 'high sensitivity' CMOS in the 1/1.7" structure, this allows to record complete HD films at 1920x1080 quality, with a 24P outcome framerate.

Advantage: Greater quality with a little bit better mild level of sensitivity.

Disadvantage: It is relatively costly.


This is a "travel zoom" digicam with a longer contact and GPS, and provides the same slow-motion ways with a little bit reduced image for less money.

Advantages: Affordable and less costly than other slowly movement cameras. Very outstanding image and great movie quality.

Disadvantage: Low battery power, especially with GPS Logger.


This digicam can catch HD (720p) video clips at 120fps and VGA-level (640 x 480) films at 240fps. Furthermore, there are lots of examples on YouTube. However, this is a relatively costly camera for slow motion capture (£429)and is not a lightweight camera.

Advantage: Great battery power.

Disadvantage: Plastic whole body.


This does 320 x 240 p at 220fps using the movement jpg structure, which generates larger files than the regular avchd/H.264 movie types.

Advantage: Simple to use and feels well built

Disadvantage: Choosing Full HD movie documenting choices can be complicated.


With a higher-res display, an OLED viewfinder and faster reaction times, the Panasonic Lumix G6 is above all a more enjoyable digicam to use than the G5. On other methodologies, it has not changed much. It's still a sort of "mini-SLR" that manages well and which usually does a outstanding job, even if battery power could be better. It's worth getting if you don't already own one of its recent forerunners.

Advantage: Excellent responsiveness

Disadvantage: Frustrating battery power life

Olympus Stylus SH-1 Superzoom

The Olympus Stylus pen SH-1 provides a lot of zoom capability in a digicam that fits easily in your hand. With a 16-megapixel indicator and 24X visual zoom capability, you can home in on a remote topic and catch sharp, high-quality images from far away.

The SH-1 also functions advanced 5-axis visual image stabilizing, so you can increase to the digital camera's complete 24X visual zoom capability variety and still get sharp, shake-free images. That becomes even more valuable when you want to catch quickly, using the digital camera's lightning-quick 11.5 supports per second to catch a topic in movement.

Advantage: Touchscreen display technology and has a very mild whole body.

Disadvantage: Screen quality is low and there is no manual focusing choices.


The Casio Exilim ZR200 is a superzoom lightweight camera that's fun and usually enjoyable to use. It's quick to start up and requires images with outstanding general activities. Picture quality is reasonable too, but we can't help thinking this digital camera is lacking some contact of creativity to help it stand out from the prosperity of other models on the market.

Advantage: Good construction, outstanding battery power life

Disadvantage: Limited aperture settings


The Nikon 1 J4 will have no trouble finding lovers, thanks to its ease-of-use, touchscreen, great responsiveness, lightweight and simple design.

Advantage: Touchscreen display screen and built-in Wi-Fi

Disadvantage: Amazing picture quality even in low light conditions


Nikon Coolpix S9700 looks to have everything it requires to competing 2014's top superzoom compacts, with a 30x contact, Wi-Fi, GPS and a user-friendly user interface.

Advantage: Perfectly designed user-friendly menus

Disadvantage: No handy function to help make better use of the 30x zoom capability lens


Small enough to fit perfectly in a pocket but powerful enough to motivate the most challenging photographers, it truly stands out in low-light and fast-action moments. Its ultra-fast f/1.8 lens is combined with a large CMOS image indicator for interesting low-light abilities, high quick capturing rates of speed up to 10 supports per second and magnificently blurry background scenes. Capture without a display in the house, at evening events, at weddings—even when the lighting is dim—then amaze yourself as your images immediately appear on your suitable smart phone or tablet with regard to discussing. Discover the beauty of low-light digital photography.

Advantage: Good image up to 800 ISO

Disadvantage: Little variety flash

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