13 Tips to make the most of MPEG Streamclip

Are you thinking of a way to edit your videos in your computer? Give it try with MPEG streamclip which is a not only a great video editor but also a cool player and convertor for both Macintosh and windows computers. MPEG streamclip enables the user to play videos that are not only MPEG files but also to stream them. Remember you need to download this software which is free with a compatible Quicktime version With this in your PC be assured that you can now edit, trim, cut join movies as well as downloading movies. You may be wondering how to go about it but in this article will discuss how to fully maximize MPEG stream clip starting from the basics we have mentioned earlier!

Tip 1: Edit Videos

Let's start with the basic feature of editing clips. You should certainly make the most of the software in terms of shortening a length of a given video. Therefore, having your video already in the downloaded MPEG streamclip whether in windows or Mac, go to Edit, from there you will see a time feature that gives you an option on the time frame of the desired length of your video. It is measured in seconds. So to set this you have to click on i key. Now what is left is for you to trim your video:to do so you go to menu and click Edit then Trim. There you go, you now done!

Tip 2:Copy and paste videos

It is worth also trying out the copy and paste feature of this software. Go to Edit Menu; on the drop down menu click Select In to identify the clip and Select out for the clip to be moved.

copy and paste videos

Thereafter, click Copy and position the cursor where you want to paste the clip, then Paste the Clip.

Tip 3:Compress Videos

One interesting about the software is that you can compress your videos. What you have to do is, drag the clip to the MPEG streamclip player. Go to File menu and click Export Your Video.

compress videos

With the aid of export dialogue that appears you will be able to choose a desired format. To add on you can determine the output size of your file by selecting bit rate. Just enter the value at the box on your right beneath the slider and select specific frame rate of your clip.

Tip 4:Crop videos

You can reduce or capture a small portion of the video. MPEG streamclip crop feature comes in handy to enhance this. The cropping tool enables you to select the portion of the clip you want to remain with. Hence you have to feed in the digits on the boxes surrounding it so as to eliminate the unwanted parts.

Tip 5:Adjust Brightness and Contrast of Videos

Do you know that you can adjust the brightness volume and contrast of your clips? When you click on the Adjustment Icon, its drop down menu will offer you a wide array of functions such as brightness, saturation, contrast and volume. Just play along to see what suits you best.

Tip 6:Rotate and Flip Videos

With MPEG strreamclip viewing window, you can rotate and flip your videos. Drag your photo to the window and trim it, then go to File, from there you can export your videos to formats such as AVI, FLV, MPG just to mention a few. Before clicking on rotation>make movie or video remember to choose the degrees that you want to rotate your video. After rotating remember to save and rename the file.

Tip 7:Resize Clips

Furthermore, you can resize clips using the software. Export the photo in the File menu, where you will be able to choose the frame of the clip and ensure you don't tamper with the quality of the clip. So you can preview to check on that.

Tip 8:Zoom Your Videos

Zooming is feature that should be not left unmentioned, after downloading a video maybe MPEG video you can zoom it. On the window go to File, select the files >open so that you can open the selected files. Then go ahead on and save the files and rename the new clip. At this point is when you can zoom through the video.

Tip 9: Use MPEG streamclip to add Subtitles

At times you wonder how subtitles can be added on a video. This can easily be achieved using the MPEG streamclip subtitle. It is mandatory to create a text file where you will type the words, if it is a DVD you have to burn it, and then install ffmpegx on your PC. Then you browse the file you burned and open it. By clicking on Filters you will get VOB subtitles. Then load the subs on the subtext file you opened, you can play to preview position the subtitles. After doing so you click Encode. This will take less than 20 minutes for a standard AVI format.

Tip 10:Download and Convert Youtube videos with the software

Did you also know that Youtube videos as well as Google videos can be downloaded via this software? On the File menu, click Open URl.

download and convert youtube videos with the software

Then copy the page url you want to download and click Ok. This process is easier and faster. With different versions of the software available you can download an HD video.

With YouTube videos you can convert the video to various formats available in the software. If you want to convert you need to load the video on the format chosen. For instance for it to be used in iPods- you need to choose compatible format which is MPEG. You can opt to export videos to Quicktime .Alongside you can export audio formats.

Tip 11:Convert Other Videos with MPEG Streamclip

Not only can you convert you tube videos but also movies. At the File menu click on Open DVD or Open files, then you can convert video to FLC, MKV, avchd, WMV or AVI. Like that is not enough it enables you to change video PID, Audio PID and mode.

VSL format videos can also be converted. Go to File menu, then open your video on streamclip by dragging it, then simply click on the part to be converted. By just exporting MPEG-4 is all that is needed to complete the conversion.

Tip 12:Edit Audio Tracks

Another exciting feature is its ability to edit audio tracks, at the Edit menu you can click on Delete which will eventually eliminate the track. Therefore it is advisable to create a backup for files before using them in MPEG streamclip.

Tip 13:Add Codecs and Plugins to enhance functionality

Remember that you can also make the most of this powerful software by adding compatible codecs and plug-ins. You will need to add perian software if you want to play .FLV files for example. All said and done, you now know how you can make the most of this software.

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