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iTools for Mac is a suite of essential Internet tools for serious e-Commerce and commercial content delivery. This version of iTools for Mac OS X has improved its functionality to extend and enhance OS X's built-in networking. If you want to complement or extend your Apple's included Apache, you can install iTools which includes many excellent open-source protocol implementations. With the help of these implementations, sophisticated network servers can be easily set up or supported by the Webmasters just with a point-and-click Web browser administration. It costs you $349.00 but allows you to have a free 14-day trial.

Used in commerce

iTools is professional to host lots of companies on a single server to shorten the delivery time. The companies don't need to hire too many experts to deploy new sites anymore.

Point-and-click administration

It provides a point-and-click interface. For example, if the clients refuse to pay their bill, you can disable their virtual hosts with a single click.

Editor's review :

The size of iTools 7 is as large as 28.9MB. As a result, you need to spend many hours to download it via dial-up modem.

iTools is handy Web hosting control panel software. It combines the secure, simple, domain-specific and reliable Apache on Mac OS X. iTools Administration Server secure your Apache sites and makes sites management easier by adding more new features. It allows you to setup virtual hosts with less clicks or even only one click. In a word, it is a great innovation for your computer.

iTools 7 is suitable to the Mac users who are upgrading and Windows users who are looking at switching to the Mac. The UNIX users who like to use server software like Apache on top of the state-of-the art BSD UNIX implementations will also need this useful Internet server suite.

Small to medium-sized web hosting providers like iTools because it is powerful to manage their dedicated servers. Large service providers also want to bundle iTools into their offerings.

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