How to Download Podcasts without iTunes

What is a Podcast ?

Despite including Pod in the word, a podcast is not just available for an iPod – it is simply a method of delivering a digital audio or video file to your computer, tablet or phone that you can listen to or watch with a variety of media players. Just like you can arrange to have your morning newspaper delivered or set your PVR to record your favourite TV show, you can subscribe to podcasts that you are interested in. They are then automatically podcasted to you so you can watch or listen to them at a time that suits you.

How to Download a Podcast ?

You can go online and download podcasts from many different internet sites and either stream them using your favourite media player or save them to be played later. This method ignores the key benefit of Podcasts which, as we mentioned above, is that they arrive on your computer automatically. For single podcasts this is of little benefit but the most common use of podcasts is to have series content delivered. This could be a daily news bulletin, the latest episode of your favourite soap or programmes on subjects that you are particularly interested in. To have these delivered automatically you need to do two things – firstly download a client to get the podcast and secondly, subscribe to a podcast.

1. Podcast Clients

Podcasts are distributed over the internet using a Feed which is then picked up by pod catching software known as a client. Some of the more popular ones are Winamp, Zune& Juice. Wikipedia has a more comprehensive list Many of these clients will also send the podcast to your media player when you attach it to your computer.

2. Subscribe to a Podcast

Many of the clients listed above also have links to Podcast Feeds but you can also find sources all over the internet. For news podcasts try your favourite radio or TV news channel. For entertainment it is best to use a search engine which will help narrow down the huge choice.

You can also try websites that specialise in Podcast content such as CastRoller or Spokenword , these organise podcasts into categories or channels so it is easier to find content that you are interested in and some will also integrate the feed into your internet browser.

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