History/Timeline of Windows Movie Maker

The Windows Movie Maker has been around for more than 13 years, dated back to it's first release in 2000. It's been impressive to see the changes taking place since it's very 1st version launched, included for PC that comes installed with the version of Windows Millennium Edition (ME). Obviously, the ME was used in conjunction with the 2nd millennium year. If you have been using the Windows Movie Maker for some time now, you might have noticed some of the changes in terms of design, layout, interface or even features. As for those who didn't or haven't realized but would like to get to know the Windows Movie Maker better, follow me through the timeline or history of the best movie maker for Windows.

Windows Movie Maker - Version 1.0

  • Year of release: 2000

  • Operating System: Windows Me

  • Details: Initial release of the Windows Movie Maker that comes with very basic and standard features for editing videos. It will only save videos in the ASF file format.
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Windows Movie Maker - Version 1.1

  • Year of release: 2001

  • Operating System: Windows XP

  • Details: Ability to create DV, AVI and WMV files on top of the existing list of supported output file formats.

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Windows Movie Maker - Version 2.0

  • Year of release: 2002

  • Operating System: Windows XP

  • Details: Added a few extra features apart from a redesigned of user interface and some of the navigation buttons.

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Windows Movie Maker - Version 2.1

  • Year of release: 2004

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2

  • Details: Some minor updates on the patches and fixes as well as better compatibility with other programs.

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Windows Movie Maker - Version 2.5

  • Year of release: 2004

  • Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

  • Details: There are more variety of built-in transitions and effects, apart from the introduction of DVD burning/creation capability.

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Windows Movie Maker - Version 2.6

  • Year of release: 2006

  • Operating System: Windows Vista (also works with Windows 7)

  • Details: An updated version of Windows Movie Maker (similar to features offered in version 2.1, but without the ability to capture video) for the older Windows system.

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Windows Movie Maker - Version 6.0

  • Year of release: 2007

  • Operating System: Windows Vista

  • Details: Comes with the new or additional effects and transitions as well as support for the DVR-MS file format.
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Windows Movie Maker - Version 14.0

  • Year of release: 2008

  • Operating System: Windows Vista and Windows 7

  • Details: Renamed as the Windows Live Movie Maker 2009 with a major redesign on the interface and certain features (i.e. exporting videos onto YouTube), together with the support for additional file formats such as QT, avchd and MPEG4.

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Windows Movie Maker - Version 15.4

  • Year of release: 2011

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and Windows XP SP2

  • Details: Added extra features such as direct recording using a webcam, HD video support, direct uploads onto OneDrive, sharing and publishing onto Facebook, and also other social media platforms.
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Windows Movie Maker - Version 16.4

  • Year of release: 2012

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Server 2008 R2

  • Details: More flexibility in terms of importing files from devices as well as output for playback with specific type of devices, sharing on various social media platforms (i.e. Vimeo), free music resources, editing features and built-in themes.

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Additional Information

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