How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin for Beginners

Making a perfect Halloween pumpkin should be one of the vital in the schedule of holding a perfect Halloween party. For kids, doing something on their own is much more important than offer them something from parents. Teach them how to make a Halloween pumpkin or make a Fake Hand Halloween recipe then play a Pumpkin golf game. What a memory if recorded the whole day? Don't forget to edit it to a Halloween video. There are multiple tips and tricks to guide you how to make a Halloween Pumpkin, but there is none of them can include every part like this guide.

1. Choose a Pumpkin & Different Size/Shapes for Different Roles

Choose a Pumpkin

Halloween is coming. Almost every supermarket will prepare some quality pumpkins for you to pick up. According to different roles you want to make, you can buy some with different sizes and shapes. For example, generally speaking you will pick up a round-size pumpkin without any visual damage or marks. However, if you want to curve a devil face, try something elliptical or triangular with spots.

2. Cut off the Top with Knifes & How to Keep it from Falling Down

Cut off the Top

Green-hands may make a mistake when cut off the top with knifes if he cuts it straightly, which will fall inside without any support. Therefore, the best solution is to cut it with an angel like 45 degree. Please note that entry you cut should be big enough for your one hand and if you can’t make sure the size, you can draw out with marker pen first.

3. Hollow the Pumpkin out with Spoons & How to Preserve it to Make it Last Longer

Hollow the Pumpkin out

Now find your ice screen spoon and start to hollow the pumpkin out gradually. It’s not hard to empty everything inside, while another important thing is to keep it from rot with suitable solution. It’s definite that the cutting edge of pumpkin will get dark because of oxidation and it’s rot after several days. If you want to keep it fresh with intact shape, here is the solution.

  • a. Rub some Vaseline in the cutting surface to keep it from oxidation

    Rub some Vaseline

  • b. Sterilize with Blench inside and out to kill fungi, mold, bacteria, bugs


  • c. Seal the surfaces with plastic bag to prevent drying and to keep out new "little buggers" and reduce drying (You can ignore this step if you just make this pumpkin the day before Halloween, check the details steps to preserve it to make it last longer here.)
  • plastic bag

4. Curve Style with Different Patterns

Let’s jump to the most important part – curve and cut this pumpkin. Before doing anything, you should design the patterns first. For beginners, you can choose some simple and easy-to-curve patterns, which is combined with lines rather than circles. Printed them out and then tap it to pumpkin surface. Spot out the line with toothpicks. Here are some Halloween pumpkin carving ideas for your reference:

  • a. Expressive Pumpkin, which is used by most of people. It’s made with some simple shapes like star, triangle and moon.
  • Expressive Pumpkin

  • b. Illuminating Fall Leaf Pumpkin, which is showed with various leaves. It’s not a must to curve a pumpkin with human or devil face. Plants like flower, leaves or tree can take into account.
  • Fall Leaf Pumpkin

  • c. Animal Pumpkin, which is similar with plant pumpkin. You can find some animals like cat, dog or chicken as you like and then curve it out with simple lines.
  • Animal Pumpkin

  • d. Ghost Pumpkin/Devil Pumpkin, that’s the most favorite design. However, it’s not easy for beginners and you may need to try several times.
  • Ghost Pumpkin

  • e. Pattern Pumpkin, which is made with repeat patterns. For example, if you like triangle shape, you can curve various triangle shapes reputably.
  • Pattern Pumpkin

More Halloween pumpkin curving ideas, please check here.

5. Cut Out with Poking Tool like Screwdriver & Tips

After confirmed the pattern, you may need to use a poking tools like Screwdriver. Keep the parts small and take your time are the primary. Many people fail in this step because of anxiety. Image the beautiful scene when your kids get this gift, you will get more backup inside.

6. Lights

The last step is to put the light. My suggestion is to prepare and light the light before putting inside. You may need a glass to cover the light first after lit and then put it inside with a long pincers if the only entry is the top. Then place the pumpkin anywhere you want.

Some tips:

  • 1. Don’t forget to put a newspaper or old cloth under this pumpkin because it’s really a messy work to make a Halloween pumpkin.
  • 2. If the pumpkin can’t stand stable, you can cut off the top and bottom both.
  • 3. Don’t over-ambitious and take your time. Protect your hands from cutting.

Tools you may need:

  • A Curving Knife
  • A Ice Screen Spoon
  • Vaseline, Plastic Bag and Blench
  • Poking Tool like Screwdriver
  • Long Pincers and Light

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