Top Ten Best DVD Players for Windows 8

You may have noticed when you started up your Windows 8 computer for the first time that something was missing. Namely, a DVD player. Microsoft made that decision in part because of the increasing popularity of streaming videos. For the millions who still have DVDs, however, it left them without a way to watch them on their computer without loading additional software. The good news is, this means you can pick the DVD player you want to use. Let’s take a look at the ten best DVD players you can use for Windows 8.

1. VLC Media Player

Without a doubt, this is the most popular free DVD player you can find. It’s an open source program that works on a wide variety of operating systems and computer brands, and can play any number of formats of videos and DVDs. It can also handle streaming video, too. No codec downloads are usually necessary because it comes with all of them already loaded. You can make adjustments to the skins if you so choose. The interface is easy to understand and use, even for novice computer users.

vlc media player

2. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

This free program is fast to start when launched and it doesn’t take up much room on your hard drive. It looks a lot like an older version of Windows Media Player, so if you were comfortable with using it, you’ll feel right at home. It does require you as the user to search for media each time when you want to watch something other than a most recently watched video. It also does not remember the video position when you press the stop button. That said, it can not only play DVDs but other videos in your video folder.

media player classic home cinema

3. GOM Media Player

This program is able to play the most common video formats out there, as well as your DVDs. The interface is clean and the program has a number of codecs included so you don’t have to wait for other things to download while you want to play a movie. You have options you can choose from to get the best sound and monitor resolution possible. There’s an equalizer you can use and set up how you want the subtitles to work, with some options available even when you are playing a movie. You even have the option to use your smart phone as your remote control.

Gom media player

4. Windows Media Center

Wait, didn’t we say that there wasn’t a Windows media player any more? Not quite. While it no longer comes pre-bundled into your computer, it is still a program that Microsoft offers as an add-on. It has all of the features you love – DVD and CD playback, watch and record television shows, and organize playlists. When you download it, you can either choose the express option, or you can customize your installation to have just the features that you want. Then when you want to run a movie, you just need to swipe in from the right, click search, then type in Windows Media Center. You’ll be off and running.

windows meida center


This is a free program that is also open source. It can run on a number of operating systems, even on portable devices, so you can use your smart phone as a remote control. If you need support, this is one program that has a number of support options available, including a variety of social media platforms. The interface is very attractive, with controls located on the left side, sized small enough that they don’t interfere with your display. It can not only play DVDs, it can also stream live videos, even broadcast programs.


6. WinX DVD Player

It’s not fancy, but this program lets you play your DVDs as well as any number of videos on your computer. It has good quality audio and video resolution. You have controls on a floating toolbar or you can access them by right clicking anywhere on the screen. That toolbar is present all the time when you are watching your movie in full screen, however. There are language options that you can set as you want. There is a bookmark feature which is handy for coming back to your favorite scenes. You can also take screencaps of great moments.

winx dvd player

7. DAPlayer

This free player can handle Blu-Rays as well as regular DVDs, something that many players are not able to, especially free ones. This means it’s also able to play high definition video files in 1080p resolution. With over 400 codecs included, you won’t have to wait to watch your movie while a file gets downloaded. Its interface is very clean, with controls located at the bottom of the screen. You can configure subtitles as well as video options.


8. AVS Media Player

This program is also free. It recognizes that many people use their computer now as the hub of their home entertainment center, so AVS allows you to take advantage of that set up. You can use the built-in audio equalizer that lets you hear multi-channel audio through your speakers, including 7.1. Because of its capacity, it is a bit of a resource hog on your computer. You can also use it as a DVD burner, so videos you have on your computer can be put to disc. There is a substantial set of built-in codecs built in that can handle a wide range of video files for you.

avs media player

9. Blu-ray Player for Windows

If you love to play Blu-Rays (and really, who doesn’t?), this player helps you do that on your computer. It’s not freeware, but you get a significant trial time to test it out – 90 days. It has the capacity to recognize external as well as internal players, so long as you have an internet connection so playback licenses can be found. But, it doesn’t just play Blu-Rays. You can play almost any format of video on it as well, and it can interact with your social media accounts so you can share information with your friends and fans. It doesn’t come with a lot of other features, but you can add subtitles if you would like.

blu-ray player for windows

10. Real Player Plus

Real Audio has branched out over the years to include video, and now that Windows no longer packs Windows Media in with the operating system, they are ready and able to step in. Real Player Plus is the higher end version of Real Player and it can handle playing DVDs. It’s easy to use – all you have to do once it is downloaded is open the program, load your DVD, click on Library, navigate to CD/DVD, and click on the track you want to start watching.

real player plus

As you can see, your choices are numerous when it comes to finding a DVD player for your Windows 8 computer. You won’t be left in the cold any long.

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