5 Different Ways to Burn Dual Layer DVD

Dual Layer DVD

Dual Layer DVD is also known as Double Layer DVD, which can store about 8.5 gigabytes where single-layer DVD can store only 4.7 gigabytes. Dual Layer DVD needs upgraded hardware and software to burn it in your PC. Dual Layer DVD is referred to DVD-9 discs which get read and written in the bottom layer as DVD-5. There is handful DVD burner applications which are very useful to burn dual layer DVDs. Here, 5 dual layer DVD burner applications are discussed to get 5 different ways to burn your dual layer DVDs.

5 Dual Layer DVD Burners

1. Nero StartSmart

  • Nero Suite can be controlled through this application.
  • Audio CDs, Data Discs and Video DVDs can be burnt easily.
  • It is featured with burning dual layer DVDs.
  • Nero StartSmart will create labels or covers for your burnt DVDs and CDs.
  • It supports media contents from TV and internet connection.
  • Data recovery discs and backup can be kept at an instant.


2. InfraRecorder

  • It provides you the best Windows DVD making experiences.
  • It can support the dual layer DVD burning.
  • It can create disk images to burn later.
  • Very easy interface to understand.
  • Four ways it can erase the rewritable DVDs and CDs.


3. PgcEdit

  • It allows you to modify the DVD menu as your preferences.
  • It provides the dual layer DVD burning for your necessary files.
  • Clear interface that give you easy work experiences.
  • PGC Editor can edit your files before burning.


4. Hiro Burner

  • Dual layer DVDs can be written by this application.
  • It can deal with rewritable discs.
  • Audio track’s errors can be scanned.
  • It can create image files and burn ISO discs.


5. ImgBurn

  • Bootable DVD, Blu-ray and CDs can be burnt from the image files.
  • It supports the high-speed burning for your DVDs.
  • It is a lightweight application that can burn your DVDs easily.
  • It provides the services to burn dual layer DVD burning.
  • The layer break section meets the dual layer burning successfully.


5 Ways to Burn Dual Layer DVDs

1. Burn Dual Layer DVD through Hardware Requirements

  • Get a dual layer DVD burner to make this possible. So, you need to check for dual layer burner before purchasing a PC. And make sure that your PC has the internal DVD burner for burning DVDs.


  • Make sure to connect the external DVD burner to your PC via USB and purchase the dual layer DVD compatible with the DVD burner.

2. Burn Dual Layer DVD through Software Requirements

  • There are some applications which are capable of burning dual layer DVDs. Nero StartSmart, PgcEdit or ImgBurn can burn the dual layer disc.
  • We have already discussed 5 software earlier which are very much compatible with dual layer DVD burning.

3. Burn Dual Layer DVD Using Nero StartSmart

  • Launch this program or the Nero Express to choose the Disc you are going to make/burn.


  • Choose “DVD 9” option from the menu that drop down appearing at the bottom of the window. And Click on “ADD” menu button for adding files from your PC.


  • When you finish adding all the files to be burnt, you can see the available spaces remaining for the dual layer DVD. Then Press the “Next” button to have the final screen like below.


  • Now you can click on the button for “Burn” after placing a dual layer DVD into your external burner.


  • Now you can get the progress bar after starting the burning process. It will update you with the successfully burning completion message.


4. Burn Dual Layer DVD Using PgcEdit

  • Place a dual DVD Disc into the external DVD burner for Dual layer DVD. Now launch the PgcEdit application and create a project new for dual layer DVD burning. Add the files that you need to burn in dual layer DVDs.


  • Add those files to your created project to burn them on the dual layer DVDs. Now find the file menu and scroll down to “Burn DVD/Create ISO” to get the burning command.


  • You now assign the drive letter for the dual layer DVD or just leave it to the default. Even you need not change anything because everything is preset.


  • PgcEdit will show you the status and completion message for burning the dual layer DVD.


5. Burn Dual Layer DVD Using ImgBurn

  • Launch the ImgBurn program and choose “Build” option from “Mode” menu.


  • Now you can click on the browse icon to add files to the Build mode.


  • Check for the “VIDEO_TS” and choose it from the computer menu.


  • You can now calculate the size of this image by simply clicking on the “Calculate” button from the right bottom corner.


  • Now you can get the available break points and choose the best one for you from the candidacies.


  • Now you can insert the dual layer DVD to the DVD Burner and click the build button to start the burning.


  • You can see the progress and the completion message on the right half of the window under information.

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